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Johnny Depp has been proved right in the libel suit he has brought against his ex Amber Heard. The jury ruled that the actress must pay her ex-husband 15 million dollars (14 million euros). Depp, in turn, must pay Heard $2 million. The seven-member jury announced the verdict on Wednesday in Fairfax District Court in the US state of Virginia.

Depp sued his ex-wife for libel over an article published in the American newspaper in 2018 The Washington Post had appeared. In it, Heard wrote of being a “survivor” of domestic violence.

She did not mention Depp’s name, but according to the actor it was clear that it was about him. The actor told in court that he has missed several film roles since the publication of the article. He demanded 50 million dollars (about 47 million euros) from Heard.

In the same case, Heard believed she had been the victim of defamation because Depp’s lawyers called her allegations false. According to Depp’s lawyer, the actress would have set up a hoax around sexual violence.

She then decided to sue her ex for 100 million dollars. This gave the jury the task of making a verdict on two cases.

Depp is right on all counts

Depp was right on all points by the jury, Heard in her case only on a few points. Heard would indeed have been guilty of libel. Conversely, according to the jury, it would only be proven that Depp’s lawyer spoke benevolently evil about her.

The damages Heard must pay consists of $10 million in damages and “punitive” damages (punitive damage) of $5 million. The latter is intended to prevent something from happening again.

In the state of Virginia, the punitive damage up to $350,000. As a result, Heard eventually has to transfer $ 8,350,000 (7.8 million euros) to her ex.

Depp not present, Heard disappointed

Depp was not in court for the verdict, Heard was. The actor watched the verdict from the United Kingdom, where he is currently for performances.

“I cannot put into words how disappointed I am. My heart is broken. A mountain of evidence was not enough against the extraordinary influence that my ex-husband has,” said Heard in a first reaction.

“I am particularly disappointed by what this judgment means for other women. It is a step back to a time when women who speak out are publicly ridiculed. It takes us back to the idea that violence against women should not be taken seriously. “

Depp writes on Instagram that the jury has given him his life back with the verdict. “My goal was to reveal the truth, no matter what the outcome. I owed it to my children and the people who support me to tell the truth. And now that I’ve done that, I feel at peace.”

Depp and Heard were married from 2015 to 2017, but the actress filed for divorce in 2016. At the time, she also asked the judge for a restraining order against Depp, because he was allegedly guilty of domestic violence.

Lawsuit lasted more than six weeks

The lawsuit in the United States began on April 12 in the Fairfax district of Virginia and lasted more than six weeks. The case could be watched live and attracted worldwide attention.

Not only Depp and Heard took the stand, but also various experts and friends and family of the two. During the hearings, the marriage of the actors was discussed in detail. Both sides accused each other of domestic violence.

Details came out in 2020, when the couple faced each other in a lawsuit in the United Kingdom. That case was about a piece in The Sun, in which Depp was called a “woman swatter”. Depp lost that case and had to pay millions to his ex-wife.

The lawsuit between the ex-lovers was broadcast live worldwide and attracted millions of viewers.

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