Daily Horoscope June 1 – Don’t expect too much from the wrong people, Taurus! † Horoscopes


You will find out this year that every challenge in your life, be it romantic, social or career related, is beneficial to your development. The same applies to sudden, drastic changes and instability. It leads you to paths that are orchestrated from the cosmos.


Because instructions are incorrect or communication is broken, work is held up. At lunchtime the atmosphere can be tense. You may need to end a relationship or fire someone. Don’t make a scene.


Realize that people need time to understand and process information. Don’t expect too much from the wrong people. Due to a lack of knowledge or attention, you can receive advice that you cannot handle.


If you’ve agreed with consultants, it can prove to be a waste of time as you’re planning the opposite of what you’re being advised to do. Don’t make agreements now that you can’t take criticism; you are overreacting.


The cosmos heralds a new cycle. This month, focus on decision making, communication and travel. Be social, learn something new and be open to change. Not a favorable day for meetings.


You will make a good impression during conversations. Furthermore, it can be a busy but inconsistent day with a wide variety of activities that give little satisfaction. Don’t get sloppy about the bounce back.


Travel, irregular working hours or the need to move can bring you into conflict with loved ones. There can be so much pressure on you that you would like to run away. Don’t give up now, though.


Your energy can go up and down like a yo-yo. One minute steam is coming out of your ears, the next you’ve got lead in your legs. Eat lightly and take regular breaks. There can be a heavy emotional call on you.


Everything that has to do with study, a trip or cultural activity will give satisfaction. You can work hard and overcome obstacles, so don’t settle for less. If you get scared you will fail, so go for it.


Arguments with a loved one can end today or escalate – that depends on you. A clash of egos provokes painful reactions, so take control. Do what you think you should, but don’t overdo it.


With some help from friends you will get through the day well. Stick to two important rules: don’t panic and don’t get involved in the problems of others. You come to a crossroads when you have to choose between opposites.


The atmosphere can be disrupted. Start with a good breakfast, later today you may have little time to eat. What you hear can trigger strong emotions. A business partnership may need to be terminated.


If you go too far now, you could, figuratively speaking, break your neck. Although you like to leave your mark on everything you do, it is now wiser to keep your distance. Try to transfer more. Give others some credit too.

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