BLØF dives into a grab bag and at Salar Azimi there is a belly dancer dancing on a chair at the dining table | Zeeland news

Zeeland showbytesWhat were the Zeeland artists, top athletes and other celebrities doing last week? In the Showbytes section, the editors scour the web for the craziest, most beautiful and striking posts from well-known Zeeland.

A dancer goes wild on a chair next to a businessman while eating Salar Azimi from Aardenburg. Beaming, puffing and clapping, he looks on and hands her some money. ‘Top week in Istanbul’ he writes.

Singer Emma Heesters from ‘s-Gravenpolder managed to charm many followers with a new cover of a Hindi song. This time she sang Mahabooba and won over 145,000 hearts.

The band members of BLØF are clearly pleasantly surprised with their own grab bag at the Oerrock Festival backstage in Ureterp. A dive is taken between the balls and immediately, among other things, a Mars bar and a lollipop surface.

Royalty reporter Annemarie de Kunder feels like one of the Oranges for a moment when she reports on Amalia’s choice of study on a balcony opposite the palace on Dam Square. ‘Just wave, maybe’, she wonders and blame her for once.

minister Hugo de Jonge van Volkshuisvesting found himself once again on the land of his native province. There may be a sunny smiley behind his announcement, but he wasn’t here on vacation. He visited Middelburg to talk about building on the growth of Zeeland.

motocross racer Nancy van de Ven from Vlissingen writes that despite the stiff and stressed driving she had a great weekend. In any case, nothing of that stiffness can be seen in the photos.

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