Willem Engel in Philemon and the Conspiracies: ‘We got everything right’

Philemon and the Conspiracies is a big hit time and time again. Viewers find the program intriguing, but also frustrating. The people that Filemon Wesselink speaks to are all convinced: they are right. Conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory is explained and the craziest things come up every now and then. For example, Petra believes that the pandemic was a preconceived plan to increase the world population and others are convinced of, for example, the repopulation theory. Willem Engel also tells his story in this episode.

During this last episode, Wesselink will talk to people “who stand on the barricade and inform and mobilize their followers because they mistrust Dutch government policy”. Willem Engel, foreman of Viruswaarheid, is therefore part of this, but Petra Ottenhof and rapper Bouke also speak out against the corona policy.

‘Putin is a sympathetic man’

Before Willem Engel takes the floor, we also briefly discuss Putin and the situation in Ukraine. For example, Ottenhof believes that the Russian president is “de-militarizing and de-nazification” the situation in Ukraine. Wesselink would like to know more about this, but he also wants to know what the corona activist thinks of Putin. “I find him very sympathetic, yes,” comes the answer. “He’s very involved with his people and his people, you know.” There can the Philemon and the Conspiracies-presenter, however, with his head not clear: „You are someone who says: ‘I think my freedom is important and I think it is important that fundamental rights are respected’. And then at the same time say that you think Putin is a sympathetic man… Opposition is not possible in Russia”, Wesselink begins when Ottenhof interrupts him. “Not here either,” she says.

“Putin has been in power for decades, you have prison camps there, how can you say that you support Putin?” Wesselink asks her. But according to the corona activist, she only talks about the situation in Ukraine. She does not follow the news, because “then you get all that fear with you”. “If Russia invaded Ukraine, that country would be conquered within a few days.” According to Ottenhof, ‘conquering’ is not the goal of Russia at all.

Willem Engel at Philemon and the Conspiracies

A little later in the episode we see dance teacher Willem Engel, during a dance lesson. He and the presenter first discuss his passion: dance. “Is that more than moving to music?” “Absolutely,” Angel replies. “I can say a lot about self-healing, self-discovery, a healthy lifestyle, but teaching is also guiding people in this.” The conversation quickly turns to the expressions Engel makes on social media, for example. He explains that he sometimes has doubts about what he says or does, but that he then adds that. “Then I write: ‘This may well be true’.” He refers, among other things, to his tweet about footballer Christian Eriksen, who fell during a match. “I want to open the debate and with such a tweet I make a statement.”

According to Engel, the corona crisis shows that if you scare people, you can circumvent rules. This gives the government access to your body and medical data, says the Virus Truth foreman. Wesselink points out that Engel always knows everything exactly, while scientists often have doubts. “I think people really like that, because they can’t stand uncertainty.” But according to Engel, it doesn’t just seem like he’s got everything right, it actually is. “I’ve been right about everything so far. And that’s not because I’m good, it’s simply because I looked at the data objectively and dared to make connections.” “You also have a big ego, don’t you?” asks Wesselink. Engel confirms that: “I have quite a big ego, yes.”

Big ego or not, viewers of Philemon and the Conspiracies like a lot again. Of Engel’s pronunciation, sure, but it doesn’t stop there. A selection of the responses:

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