That’s how it is with Maran and Robert-Jan from KzK: ‘We almost stopped’

Robert-Jan and Maran had lived in the center of Utrecht for years. They had a good time here, but since their son Wolf was born, the house is too small. Time for the next step: their first owner-occupied home! Unfortunately, the heat on the market is also a problem here, so they gave all their money to the ‘Kopen Zonder Kijken’ team. But do they still live there..?

“We really doubted whether we should continue with the program after the puzzle tour”

Join Buy Without Looking is perhaps a bit extreme, but for Robert-Jan and Maran it is the solution to the problem. The young couple searched for a house for a year and a half. They looked at twenty houses, but never actually got around to making an offer. “We often couldn’t get in to look somewhere and when we were allowed to watch, we stood in line with thirty others,” Maran tells

“In the end we never made an offer. After a viewing we always wanted to discuss things with the broker and coordinate things. Sleep on it and then make a good offer. That time was not there and in the end the final offer was often still there. €50,000 higher than we had in mind to offer, we never got there.” When they were on vacation in August 2020, they signed up for the program under the guise ‘we’ll see’. “After that, the ball actually started rolling very quickly.”

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While one couple cannot sleep at night during the participation and can no longer see the wood for the trees, Maran and Robert-Jan were reasonable steady and calm. How come? How do you stay so calm all this time? Maran says: “I think we really started with two feet on the ground. At the notary they already said: ‘You look very sober’. But most of all we thought: ‘They are just stones’. That feeling has actually remained that way for a long time. Until it really took months and we heard nothing. Then the tension built up.”

“It was very exciting in the end, but we also stayed relaxed. The tension mainly came from the waiting time,” adds Robert-Jan.

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“During the puzzle tour we were very sober, but then we took a closer look at the houses,” continues Maran. “We spent a year and a half on Funda day and night. We know most of the neighborhoods and we also know what the houses cost approximately. As a result of the trip, we were able to rule out a lot: it is not possible, it is too expensive, it is too small, you can upgrade it, but you won’t get the difference. We pondered a lot for a weekend and then almost pulled the plug.”

“We really didn’t want to live in one of the two houses that we felt were left,” adds Robert-Jan. “I really didn’t want to spend our money on that. You could see from the house that it would meet all wishes, but the neighborhood didn’t seem nice to me. I didn’t see us living there.”

“Coincidentally, we had looked at the house next door just before we signed up for the program. We deliberately didn’t make an offer at the time,” explains Maran better. “If you suddenly drive past that, it doesn’t feel right. We doubted very much whether we should continue with the program after the puzzle tour.”

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Fortunately, the ball rolled in the right direction and this young family comes to live in Hilversum. The first moment alone in your new home is always a bit crazy and for couples with children, the clock often starts ticking again. The same goes for Maran and Robert-Jan. “When the cameras are gone you really think: okay and now, here we are. That is very strange,” said Maran.

Robert-Jan: “It’s actually like arriving at a holiday home for the first time. Okay, so this is the kitchen and there’s the bathroom. You don’t immediately realize it’s your house and you can’t find everything right away. Most boxes are still packed and sometimes they are also in an unexpected place You are really still finding your way a bit It feels like you have been picked up and put in a different place It takes some getting used to .”

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It is clear during the interview that they are happy with the house, but they still have to get used to the neighborhood a bit. “It takes a while, but we slowly get used to it. This neighborhood was not on our favorites list, but luckily we have very nice contact with the neighbors and all the children playing on the street. That is really great fun for Wolf. But we have to do it ourselves. really land,” said Maran.

Robert-Jan: “For now, this place is fantastic. I think we’ll stay here for about three to five years and then continue again. It’s beautiful here, but it’s not our final home and it doesn’t have to be.”

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