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    Political drama (Netflix)

Ten years after the third season comes an unexpected sequel to the masterful Danish political series Secure. Although lead actress Sidse Babett Knudsen was initially not itching to get back into the shoes of political leader and prime minister Birgitte Nyborg, she nevertheless gave in when she discussed the intentions of screenwriter and creator Adam Price with the new series.

The most important change is that Nyborg is no longer the Prime Minister of Denmark. She has been succeeded by a female colleague who is not really getting along and is now Minister of Foreign Affairs. In that capacity she has to deal with the precarious relationship between Denmark and the former colony of Greenland if it turns out that oil is being found there. The discovery leads to a jousting contest involving foreign powers.


The main theme of Deposit 4 According to creator Adam Price, the attraction of power is. “Birgitte Nyborg has had to take a step back, but still wants to play a significant role on Denmark’s highest political platform. But I liken the hunger for power to a slow-acting poison that at first tastes like coffee, but gradually takes on a bitter aftertaste. Birgitte is met with a lot of resistance, has to adopt few popular positions within her party, but she remains the idealist who wants to improve the world.”

Nyborg has a hard time. She is in the middle of menopause, living alone after her divorce and dealing with her obstinate son who, as an environmental activist, embarrasses his mother with a rash action. In the series, both her political and private life comes under a magnifying glass from the media, who play an important role in Nyborg’s struggle for survival, who must pull out all the tricks.

Secure © Mike Kollöffel

Even now it is Secure astonishingly topical. The viewer sometimes gets the feeling of it eight o’clock news through topics such as nature conservation, gas extraction and the involvement of Russia and China in this region. It also features politicians who are rather clumsy with their text messages.

Does Price have prophetic gifts as many of his prophecies come true? “It is simply a matter of luck. We introduced Denmark’s first female prime minister, which became a reality three months after the broadcast when Helle Thorning-Schmidt was appointed.”

Obviously there is a lot of research in a series like Secure† ,,That is appreciated. Many Danish politicians appreciate the series, only the far right has criticized it. But it is certainly not the case that we have a political agenda. We are not at all out to influence the viewer’s opinion.”

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