Demanding couple annoys viewers Buy Without Watching: ‘6 tons?!’

Robert-Jan and Maran, the couple that was seen last night in Buy Without Looking, have caused annoyance among viewers of the program. They found the couple far too demanding and critical. There is also a lot of surprise about the budget that the young couple had.

Just like last week, the television program of RTL is loosening the tongues again. When viewers saw the extreme positivos Shannon and Cevar, who immediately dubbed them ‘cutest couple ever in Buy Without LookingNow the contrast couldn’t be greater. “I miss them a little…”

Watching Without Buying couple has a budget of more than 6 tons

Robert-Jan and Maran were not happy with their house, which they rented for an amount of no less than 1,700 euros per month. They found their home too small and too quickly filled. So a new house had to be built.

The two had quite a wish list for that. A 1930s house near Utrecht and Hilversum of at least 140 square meters. And the house had to have at least three bedrooms, a herringbone floor and an office. Budget? 660,000 euros. Viewers are amazed at that amount. “I’m doing something wrong with my life.”

‘Too many demands and unrealistic demands’

Real estate agent Alex van Keulen is scouring the country in search of suitable properties. But every time he presents a property, he got a ‘no’ back. None meets the wishes of Robert-Jan and Maran.

Much to the dismay of real estate agent Alex, who addresses the couple. “What you’re looking for is not for sale at all,” he says fiercely. Viewers also don’t understand much of the demandingness. “Too many demands and unrealistic demands.”

In the end, the two agree and relax their wishes. And that leads to the purchase of a home. But Robert-Jan and Maran cannot mask their disappointment when they see that house. “How awful!” they say to each other.

Maran believes that everything must be removed from the house. “It just gets worse with the room.” A little later – the house has been renovated for months – Robert-Jan and Maran are shown their brand new home. Finally, viewers see a smile on the faces of the two. “Gosh, this is beautiful! I just really can’t believe it,” says Maran. Not surprising, when you pay around 175,000 euros for the renovation.

Viewers rename program to ‘walking without looking’

Despite that enormous amount, there is no budget left for the renovation of the garden. Broker Alex does not keep the best memories of that garden. Because while he and architect Bob Sikkes are standing in the garden during a viewing, something remarkable happens.

Alex is talking to Bob and then takes a few steps back. But that last step is a bit too far: it ends up in the pond, to the amusement of viewers and Sikkes. He burst out laughing. “Oh, sorry, are you okay?” he asks afterwards. “Well, at least they have a pond.”

Watch the third episode of Buy Without Watching here.

Viewers know for sure: best moment and nicest couple ever in Buy Without Watching

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Demanding couple annoys viewers Buy Without Watching: ‘6 tons?!’

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