Daily Horoscope May 31 – Stay away from power games, Virgo! † Horoscopes


With the moon as your financial planet, you may need to rethink your choices in that area. You are strong in communicative matters (journalism, telecommunications, education); by targeting those areas, you can even win prizes. You can also score as a psychologist.


Be aware of challenges or difficult choices. Avoid bureaucracy and don’t do things that serve no purpose. Authors and journalists who get blocked need to clear their heads by stepping outside for a while.


Communication can be difficult. If you think you are joking, someone may actually get angry or think they are being fooled. Changing an appointment can cause confusion or disagreement later today.


Jammers can throw you off track. Devise effective solutions for limitations. Arguments can arise about money if you or your partner spend too much. Ups and downs are possible, as well as disappointment with one’s attitude.


You come up with smart solutions for the problems that arise. Your mind can wander to your love life and that will be at the expense of your ability to concentrate. Be ready to lend someone a hand.


The cosmos can make for a complicated trend on this last day of the month. You may need to rethink your priorities if you’ve built up a hatred of things that keep changing. You may be forced to make a decision.


Stay away from power games when even excellent work can be negated by the next in hierarchy. Prevent yourself from being blamed and don’t upset those in charge.


Travelers departing today will wish they had done so yesterday. Take delays into account and make sure that your luggage complies with the regulations and is not too heavy. Seal suitcases and provide labels.


A form of deception can play tricks on you today. Do not be influenced by colleagues or friends. Also, don’t be distracted from the task at hand. News can be misleading


Beware of temperamental colleagues, otherwise the workplace can become a battlefield. Don’t get worked up about things you can’t change anyway. Take a walk during your lunch break, that will help you.


Have a healthy breakfast before you start this busy day. Your brain will have to work overtime. Make a list of the things you have to do and use your memory for practical things. Keep your mind on your work.


A creative challenge can create difficulties and writers can experience writer’s block. Decisions made too quickly usually do not bring the desired result. Not a day to speculate or gamble.


Emotions can play a big part in any form of communication. Preparations for the arrival of a baby can begin. You will have fun decorating the baby’s room and buying clothes.

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