#253 ‘I can’t go on living like some kind of bum for months’

When Maud is about to move into her new home, her newfound love Gio ruins it for her. He has informed Charlie that Maud is the ex of Charlie’s new love, Tommy, which makes Charlie no longer want to live with Maud. Maud therefore has to start her search for a home from scratch. And her relationship with Gio doesn’t run smoothly either: they decide to take it a little easier. When she is working in the editorial office, her editor-in-chief comes to her. “Say Maud, I wanted to ask you something else, but have you seen this yet?”

I look at the screen of my editor-in-chief’s phone in amazement. There on the screen I see a vacancy. This is a permanent position on the editorial board. I look at her questioningly. “Um, no, haven’t seen it yet…” I answer in despair. “What then?”

“I think it’s something for you!” she answers jovially. “Maud, you are a very good force. If you were to apply I wouldn’t even invite the other girls to be honest. I’d love to have you employed by us. But then your freelance life is over, so think about it carefully. A permanent job with holidays, holiday pay and your own office space. But no longer the freedom to go where you want. Or to go out during the week,” she winks. I have to chuckle. I secretly feel quite honored that after such a short time she apparently already has such confidence in me. But am I really going to give up my freelance life for a permanent job? I’m still so young!

Fortunately, I have plenty of time to think about her proposal. And there is much more on the agenda, because I have to find a new home. Maybe I should swerve a little and Amstelveen is better? Or Weesp or Amsterdam North or something? The idea that I have to take the ferry every day gives me a slight breakdown, but I try to wave it off. What if I find my dream home? I decide to enlarge my search area and immediately see a number of houses in the city that really appeal to me in terms of furnishing. The prices are a bit high, but if I really do get a permanent job, I might be able to afford it…

hmm. It’s worth considering. I immediately make a few appointments for viewings. Less than an hour later I receive an invitation for a house in Amstelveen Noord. ‘Well, hope for the best then,’ I think as I send back the days that I can come by.

A few days later I walk around the apartment in Amstelveen. The house is not very big, but in itself fine for someone alone. And did Gio and I go all the way again in love he can easily spend the night here. As long as we don’t live together: the house is really too small to accommodate even more stuff in addition to my stuff. “Could you let us know quickly?” asks the owner of the apartment. “I have a few other viewers and I actually want to have it ready by the end of the month to whom I’m going to rent it out…” I get a little itchy that it all has to go so fast. But on the other hand: I can’t live on for months as a kind of bum. From couch to couch…

“Okay, I’ll do it!” I hear myself say. Before I can backtrack, I give my details to the owner so she can sort out the contract. When I’m on the tram again, I don’t know where to look for it. I just said yes to a house that I don’t know if it’s really for me, but I’m so desperate that I don’t really care. I can make my own! I quickly call Rochella to tell them that I probably have a new home. And then I call Gio to do the same. Then I text my editor-in-chief; “I’d like to sit with you next week, love!” Almost immediately I get a text back: ‘Top Maud. Come to me when you’re there.”

That Friday I toast with Rochella and Jessie to my ‘new’ life: the owner of the house immediately arranged the contract this week. Both girls are super happy for me. I didn’t tell them that things aren’t going smoothly with Gio. No one needs to know that again I don’t really have perfect, stable lovers right now. I make an appointment with Rochella to go shopping at second-hand stores for my interior soon. “Shall we go to a festival tomorrow to celebrate this?! I don’t have that little one tomorrow either and I do feel like going old-fashioned again if I’m honest,” Rochella suggests. Secretly I think that’s a good idea and Jessie immediately jumps. We buy a ticket for 909 Festival, in the Amsterdamse Bos. I doubt for a moment, but then also app Gio if he wants to come along. Almost immediately I get an answer that he likes it.

And so I am on Saturday with my friends and boyfriend at a festival. The average age at the festival is far above ours: I think there are mainly people over 40 years old. It doesn’t bother me: the atmosphere is good and I feel great, but the penny of ecstasy I’ve taken certainly contributes to that. We are dancing wildly at the front of the main stage. Every now and then one of us walks away to get a drink or go to the bathroom. As night falls and it slowly gets darker, the beat of the music picks up a notch. I don’t really want to leave my place, but I really need to go to the toilet around ten o’clock in the evening. “I’ll be right back!” I shout, as I quickly walk away.

As soon as I enter the toilets, I feel someone tap my shoulders. “Hey Maudje!” the person shouts. I turn around and feel the color drain from my face. “Oh my gosh… What are you doing here?!”

Maud (23) likes to party and travel. She recently started working as an editor for a magazine. Her relationship with her boyfriend Tommy has just ended and Maud is looking for a new home in Amsterdam. Every week you read her adventures in a new episode from Maud’s Night Book.

#252 ‘What are you doing, Gio?’

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#253 ‘I can’t go on living like some kind of bum for months’

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