Viewers enjoy Hans Klok in Farm Van Dorst: ‘Magically beautiful’

Raven van Dorst is back with Farm Of Thirst† With success, if you see the ratings of the first episode of the new season. Hans Klok immediately stole the hearts of the viewers as a guest. “Beautiful magical person.” And: “Style and substance.”

Farm Of Thirst missed last season? Raven van Dorst is once again withdrawing to the countryside on behalf of BNNVARA, which is quite difficult. Shoveling poo, plowing, sowing, tilling the land, keeping animals, growing vegetables and fruit, refurbishing the farm, harvesting, milking; it’s all part of it for the TV maker and two guests each time. The previous episodes were still motivated by corona and the associated lockdowns. Now Raven was allowed to persevere due to success. Last night, 764,000 people immediately watched. A nice number for NPO 3 concepts and that figure meant the fifth most watched program of the day.

Hans Klok and Eva Crutzen first guests

Actress Eva Crutzen – currently starring in the comedy Tropic years – and our ‘most famous magician’ Hans Klok were the first guests to stay in yesterday Farm Of Thirst† They were allowed to roll up their sleeves, especially with manure. And Raven she asked the shirt off.

“What have you brought with you? One hat from which you can conjure everything?” Raven asked immediately. To Hans Klok of course. “Damn, I was determined not to joke about magic.” Klok was also asked about his image. He had a spot on answer to that: “My image makes people think that I ride a white horse every day on the beach of Bloemendaal, but I’m really just a construction worker. Someone once said ‘image is what you are not’. But I often fall for it myself.” Raven laughing: “When you look in the mirror?” The tone was set. So did Clock. He asked a dozen times if he had already mentioned that he has performed in Las Vegas.

Farm Van Thirst Raven
Raven of Dorst. Photo: Annemieke van der Togt

Ghosts in Van Dorst Farm?

Magician Clock has many scary stories about ghosts in houses. He suspects that in Farm Of Thirst may also be the case. Eva Crutzen thinks she’s going to bed with him after Hans’ campfire stories. Raven caught again: “You’ll be safe there.”

But Hans Klok certainly also came up with serious stories. About his millions of debt from the past, for example. “My ten-person elephant and ballet show was much more expensive than what came in.” Seven shows a week in De Efteling and that for months brought him a little on top. The loss of his father (61) due to a brain haemorrhage and the lack was also discussed. That was especially true for Eva Crutzen. Her mother died when the actress was only 11 years old.

To the bathroom with Pamela Anderson

And well, back to a little less serious, Pamela Anderson was also featured as Hans Klok’s assistant in Las Vegas. He asked if the illusionist went to the toilet. Klok: „I said ‘but I don’t have to’. She came with cocaine. Not just a little, but a whole ball in cellophane.” When she was full of the white stuff with her plastic nails, he didn’t want to ‘be silly again’.

The evening ended with a brilliant card act by Hans Klok, with Van Dorst and Crutzen sitting on top of it in amazement. Seen a hundred times of course, but that speed with the cards remains astonishing. Raven van Dorst: “We are with a God.” Hans Klok: “Are you going to sing a song now?”

Appreciation for Hans Klok in Farm Van Dorst

Many viewers could appreciate that Hans Klok. Appreciate they did Farm Of Thirst last season anyway. When Stefano Keizers came by, for example, or Herman Brusselmans. And especially when Maarten van Rossem was on the farm, without rolling up his sleeves for a second.

But Klok also came in to view the viewers. An overview of reactions on Twitter, with also the credits for Eva Crutzen and Raven van Dorst.

Farm Of Thirst The surrounding area had been blown to pieces by storm Eunice, but thanks to the magical hands of Hans Klok and Eva Crutzen, things are looking good again. Guests who can make things even more beautiful in the coming weeks include Anouk, Gordon (the two together next time…), Froukje, Douwe Bob, Katja Schuurman, Maxim Hartman, Défano Holwijn and Hanneke Groenteman.

Looking back at Van Dorst Farm? That’s possible here. It can be seen on Sunday around 8.15 pm at BNNVARA on NPO 3.

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Viewers enjoy Hans Klok in Farm Van Dorst: ‘Beautiful magical person’

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