Viaplay must compensate customers for poor Formula 1 streams

Many Viaplay viewers suffer from stuttering streams. Also, the broadcast often drops and the app has to be restarted. In some cases, customers can no longer follow the stream.

Viaplay started in March with the Formula 1 broadcasts in the Netherlands. The complaints come from people who look via the internet. Major providers also allow Viaplay subscribers to watch Viaplay through regular TV channels, eliminating the need to stream over the Internet.

Internet connection

According to Viaplay, the hiccups are due to the slow internet connection that the complainants have. Also the TV on which they play the streams would not be suitable.

In Kassa, a complainant says that he has equipment at home that fully meets the requirements set by the streaming service in order to be able to follow the broadcasts without any problems. He wants Viaplay to at least listen to the complainants and come up with compensation for the people with an annual subscription.

Consumers’ association and ACM

Viaplay would be obliged to compensate viewers with complaints, according to the Consumers’ Association. The union has given the Swedish company a week to come up with a proposal, Kassa reports.

Not only the Consumers’ Association, but also the Netherlands Authority for Consumers & Markets (ACM) say they want a solution for Viaplay’s customers. The regulator is urging the Swedish consumer watchdog for this.


Viaplay told Kassa that the number of people with complaints is “within expected bandwidth” and “in line with our other markets.” The Netherlands is the eleventh country where Viaplay is active.

“Given the large number of customers and the intense interest in our live sports events, we are positive about the performance of our platform so far,” says the Swedish company. Viaplay also says that the problems that are currently there will continue for a while. “We are continuously working to meet the high expectations on Viaplay, and ask any customer who has encountered problems to contact us immediately for assistance,” the streaming company said in a statement.

“Of course we can always improve,” a Viaplay spokesperson recently admitted to Bright.

600,000 subscribers

Viaplay’s streams have the 1080P resolution, also known as full-hd. Some subscribers say they cannot achieve that quality during Formula 1.

Viaplay has an estimated 600,000 subscribers in the Netherlands. The company itself does not want to disclose exact numbers per country, but said in April that the Dutch launch had ‘exceeded all expectations’.

The Swedish media group will have the Dutch broadcasting rights to Formula 1 for the next three years, but this is not an exclusive contract. Dutch people can also go to the streaming service F1 TV Pro, but there is no Dutch commentary for the time being.

A lot of criticism of new commentators

During the Formula 1 broadcasts, thousands of people also listen to the comments of Olav Mol and Jack Plooij via the online channel Grand Prix Radio. The duo provided commentary for Formula 1 at Ziggo for years, but Viaplay decided to work with the new commentators Melroy Heemskerk and Nelson Valkenburg. That choice has also been criticized by Formula 1 fans.

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