Marcel Gelauff stops as editor-in-chief of NOS News

Marcel Gelauff stops as editor-in-chief of NOS Nieuws. As of September 1, 2022, he will leave the editorial board where he joined as deputy editor-in-chief almost 20 years ago. “I leave behind what I have worked for all these years with all my ambition, involvement and emotion, together with all my colleagues.”

But it is good that a new phase is now presenting itself, says Gelauff, both for the NOS and for himself. Earlier today, he announced his departure to the editors of NOS Nieuws. “It is important that after some time a new editor-in-chief comes in. Someone who can set their own and different accents again.”

“And for me a new period is also dawning, with a new freedom that I would like to embrace. I am healthy, I feel strong and then the year I turn 65 is a good time to stop.”

Gelauff started in 2003 at the NOS. First as deputy editor-in-chief and since 2011 he has been editor-in-chief. Before that, he worked as editor-in-chief and chief at RTL Nieuws, and wrote for the Leidse Courant and De Gooi- en Eemlander.


And after 42 years full time working in journalism, there is now room for new horizons. “I had to get used to that thought. Well, actually I’m not quite used to it yet. The position of editor-in-chief at NOS Nieuws is extremely honorable and meaningful. But also demanding, vulnerable, and at times lonely. you are always playing chess on countless boards at once, but that is of course also what attracts, what is addictive and what constantly gives new impulses and strength.”

NOS Nieuws grew under Gelauff into a multimedia editorial office, where news is presented 24/7 and online publishing is the basis of all stories. With the arrival of NOS op 3 and NOS Stories, new, young target groups have also been reached, which are served through their own channels. Every week, the NOS reaches 93.7 percent of the Dutch public via radio, television and online.

Gelauff: “Our reach is enormous and we are the most trusted news brand in the Netherlands year after year. In 2022 we are active on all platforms with high journalistic quality and great diversity. That is something to be proud of.”


The outgoing editor-in-chief, also chairman of the Dutch Association of Editors-in-Chief and Press safe board member, emphasizes the importance of self-confidence and autonomy in journalism. “Precisely now in polarization sometimes limited partial interests are put first and intolerance, blaming and… to frame if methodologies are used, journalism must continue to focus independently on factual, fair reporting and interpretation of the news.”

NOS director Gerard Timmer praises Gelauff’s versatility and journalistic professionalism. “NOS Nieuws has done the most important thing that you can and must do in these times: Be there where your audience is. Moreover, according to the Social and Cultural Planning Office, NOS News is the only medium that succeeds daily in Dutch – young and old, high and poorly educated and husband and wife – to connect.”

“To achieve all this, it takes helmsmanship, which Marcel has shown in an admirable way. He has given the NOS a lot and we owe him a lot of thanks for that.”

Pride and satisfaction

Gelauff will use the next three months to complete and transfer his work at the NOS. In the same period, the search for his successor starts. Gelauff: “There will be times when I will look back with melancholy, but I am sure that pride and satisfaction will prevail. An editor-in-chief can only carry his or her editorial board if he or she is also carried by the editors. I am grateful for that that my editors have done that all these years.”

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