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Jens Dendoncker (31) has been living in Antwerp for eight years now. And for several years now, he has been sharing joys and sorrows with his girlfriend Lauren Versnick in that city. “With us, there is more than just love. I am grateful that we are still together,” he says, referring to the difficult period he has gone through. The charismatic comedian reveals where he prefers to blow off steam at the weekend. “It’s great to be 500 meters from our door into the city.”

“I go to the market every Saturday morning around eleven o’clock with Lauren: our weekly outing. It’s a joy to venture into the city 500 meters from our door. My dear her regular stops are the flower and vegetable stall. Mine are the culinary delights. We can easily hang around for about three hours and then go to a cafe on the Graanmarkt. It’s a social event: you meet friends, start talking, eat some noodles and have a beer. Before you know it, your Saturday is over.”


I may have a certain predisposition for mental ticks, but at the moment I can go for it again.

Jens Dendoncker

“I have lived here for eight years now. The Theater Square – with the palace and a little further on the Arenberg Theater – evokes memories for me. I won ‘Humo’s Comedy Cup’ there, performed premieres and shows. During periods when I am on tour, the weekends are busy.”

“On the one hand, I’m lucky that my job is a huge outlet. Of course I also have my limits: there is my epilepsy and last year I had a serious mental blow. To thoroughly address my fears, I took my time with a team of professionals. I’m relieved to say it’s over. I may have a certain predisposition for mental ticks, but at the moment I can go for it again.”

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Jens Dendoncker from the market at Theaterplein in Antwerp. © Guy Koken

“I try to see enough of my family in the deep West Flanders, but the distance is not easy to bridge. I can’t even pop in on the weekend. Sometimes I still miss my friends from the youth movement. I rarely come across those, but life happens to you.”

“Of course I have my own life and Lauren and I have our own place, where everything runs smoothly. There is a deep gratitude from me to Lauren. With us there is more than just love. I am grateful that we are still together now. Lauren makes my life complete, so definitely my weekend too.”

Who is Jens Dendoncker?

• comedian and TV presenter

• was just seen on VTM in ‘Alloo bij’, was on the panel of ‘The Masked Singer’ and presented ‘How shall I say it?’

• lives with actress and model Lauren Versnick (27)

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