Herman Hofman has to leave 3FM after ten years for unknown reasons | show

UpdateHerman Hofman will soon have to leave 3FM. The DJ announced this in his afternoon program on Monday. Hofman was heard on the channel for almost ten years. He said he was not given a reason for his forced departure.

“These are nerve-wracking months here at 3FM due to the reorganization,” said Hofman. “I still can’t believe it. Not only do I lose my program, but I also have to leave 3FM. I am not assigned to the new programming.” The DJ says he finds this very difficult to accept. “I feel like I’m being dumped by a friend I’ve given everything for for ten years. And the fact that no reason is given makes it more difficult.”

It is not clear when Hofman should stop exactly, he suspects after the summer. “I’m going to get everything out of the last months that I’m still going to work,” he promised his listeners. “I’m going to suck up every second of radio I have left.” The DJ decided to share the news himself. “I can’t pretend. It wouldn’t work if I had to walk around with this all the time.”

Hofman’s show is the third program in a short time that it is announced that it has to stop. The afternoon show of Frank van der Lende and Eva Koreman will also be deleted. The last broadcast of Welcome to the club! can be heard on June 23. These DJs were also ‘very pissed, angry and frustrated’ about this decision.

Van der Lende left to the AD know how to ‘grope in the dark for the reasons of 3FM’. A program sketch in the hands of this site shows that Van der Lende will be moving to the evening between 7 pm and 10 pm and Eva Koreman will no longer be heard during the week, but on weekends between 10 am and 1 pm.

Sander Hoogendoorn will be heard in his place in the new programming. Hoogendoorn reported in April that his program Sanders Friends Team must disappear. Its last broadcast is on June 24. The DJ called the program “the best thing I’ve ever done on the radio” and said “it’s a shame” that the plug is being pulled.

A spokesperson for 3FM says in a short response that the station ‘is in talks with the broadcasters about next year’s programming. We thank Herman for everything he has done for 3FM in recent years and wish him every success in his future’. A specific reason for the departure is not mentioned in the statement. 3FM has been struggling with disappointing listening figures for a few years now.

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