Bibi Breijman and Waylon welcome son Chester: ‘There you are’ | Instagram show

Bibi Breijman and Waylon became the proud parents of a son last Monday. The boy listens to the name Chester. The two announced this today on Instagram. ‘Chester has made way for even more butterflies in my stomach’, exults Breijman.

The 30-year-old Breijman shows with a number of photos how the birth went. For example, the vlogster can be seen eating at a delivery bath, but there is also a photo in which she is covered by a number of blankets on the floor. “This week was magical,” the brunette recalls. “Chester has given way to more butterflies in my stomach.”

Waylon (42) also makes the news known to his followers. In a photo in which Bibi is standing with the little man in her hands, the singer writes: ‘There you are! You are loved endlessly little man…’

Bibi’s pregnancy did not go smoothly. Breijman suffered from ‘hyperemesis gravidarum’, also known as pregnancy vomiting. In October she was even admitted to hospital because of the severe complaints. Breijman also suffered from pregnancy vomiting during her first pregnancy. She previously said that she has been vomiting for five months and that she felt terribly bad.

second sprout

Bibi and Waylon announced in October that a second shoot was on the way. ‘I want a team with you’, Breijman wrote with a series of photos in which she has photoshopped herself onto photos of pregnant women. Waylon also shared the happy news. “Episode 3… I’m just proud. Especially to my sweet, strong Bibi.’

Bibi and Waylon met in 2017 during the recording of It Takes Two, after which the spark soon flew. On November 24, 2018, their love was crowned with a daughter named Teddy. Waylon also has a son Dylan (18), from a previous relationship.

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