Kevin (40) is forced to close ambiance café De Klok after a complaint from a local resident about music being too loud: “My business is not profitable without performances” | hamme

MoerzekeKevin De Graef (40) will stop this autumn with his ambiance café De Klok on Dorsplein in Moerzeke. After a complaint from one local resident for noise nuisance, he is no longer allowed to organize performances there. “I will therefore stop with the café, because without the performances it is no longer profitable”, Kevin sighs.

Kevin De Graef reopened the cafe in 2019 and organized performances there every weekend that were a great success. The fact that he now has to stop with his success formula comes as a major shock to the café owner from Moerzeke. The decision was taken by the municipality after a complaint from a local resident who felt that there was too much noise from the cafe. “According to environmental legislation I can only organize 12 performances a year,” Kevin says. “I knew nothing about this at all. The municipality informed me after a local resident lodged a complaint. So I have to stop with my weekend performances,” said Kevin. “I have no doubts about the environmental law, but it is a great pity that one local resident has had to end this concept.”


In the fall I will close my business for good. That’s when my contract ends. There’s no point in extending this, because otherwise I’ll just make a loss

Kevin DeGraef

For example, after three years, Kevin De Graef’s dream comes to an early end. “This hurts me a lot. I’ll be honest: the performances during the weekend made my business big and profitable, in addition, the catering industry is very difficult, but this was always a success. Because I have to stop with this now, it makes no sense to continue with the case,” it sounds.

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Due to the announced closure, he naturally disappoints many visitors and the artists who come to perform there. “It is with reluctance that I close the case, but I have no other choice,” it sounds.

Last time performances

This weekend Kevin can give performances in his business for the last time. “We are going to make the most of it one last time, but it is still with a very mixed feeling,” it sounds. In the autumn, Kevin will stop his business for good. “It is then that my contract ends and it makes no sense to extend it, because otherwise I will just lose and that cannot be the intention,” Kevin concludes.

Kevin De Graef is also the organizer of the Hollandse Party in the Hambiance. This party is not in danger, because this goes through another company of Kevin and is therefore not connected to his catering business.

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