Diederik Gommers was asked for Linda cover with Hugo de Jonge: ‘I canceled soon’ | show

Diederik Gommers was also asked for the much-discussed cover of the magazine Linda, which featured ministers Kajsa Ollongren and Hugo de Jonge. The intensivist became a familiar face in corona time, but declined the offer when he heard what was involved. “I thought: ‘What on earth are we going to do?'” he tells the BNR podcast Ask Gommers

Diederik Gommers could not be kept away from television during the corona period. Together with BNR presenter Kees Dorresteijn, he looks back on that time in a special of the podcast that they also made during the crisis. Gommers talks about the fierce competition between the talk shows at that time. “At one point there was a real battle going on between On 1 and Jinek† If I had been to one twice, the other would have been angry.”

Editors of the program harassed the chairman of the Dutch Association for Intensive Care all day long with apps and phone calls. Sometimes the PR department of his employer, Erasmus MC, was also involved. ,,Then I heard: ‘This is really not possible. You’ve been there twice now.’ And then I said: ‘Sorry, sometimes I can’t keep up either.’” At one point, two weeks in advance, Gommers was asked if Gommers could join. ,,Then a press conference was announced and they asked if I could join that evening. Then the other person was piqued again later.”

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The much-discussed Linda cover. © Linda.

Glamor shoot

In addition to talk shows, Gommers received more requests. ,,I always rejected quizzes and other programs. I am a professional and that is not where my added value lies.” The 58-year-old intensivist was also asked to cover the Linda for a glamor shoot. “I actually said yes at first. I got so many requests and every now and then I accepted them. But then I was told what I had to do. It was about clothes and they needed my measurements. I thought, ‘What the hell are we going to do?’ Only then did I realize what was going to happen. So I quickly canceled.”

Ultimately, ministers Kajsa Ollongren and Hugo de Jonge were in that cover photo. De Jonge in particular received a lot of criticism for participating in a glamor shoot during corona time.

Gommers is now in calmer waters. “Thankfully it’s all over now and I’m not asked anymore.” About the talk shows that competed for him, he says: “It’s just one thing, it’s about viewing figures and not about Diederik Gommers.”

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