Column | How did all those supporters get to Paris? Let’s not talk about that

For the past week I have been unable to dispel doom thoughts about the destruction of our lives on Earth. That was because of aviation. The TV overflowed with images of people at Schiphol joining in rows towards the abyss. On Radio 1 it was explained why compensating for flight emissions with trees is a poisonous myth: compensation doesn’t work like that and people who believe the fairytale forest do not reduce their air travel.

A waste-sorting friend flew from Amsterdam to London, a family member booked a holiday to Egypt. All as if the earth is not warming faster and faster than predicted, as if parts of the planet are not already uninhabitable for its inhabitants, as if this is not the time when, while you are on vacation, you should cycle, hitchhike or hitch a ride to your destination. walk.

Anyone who still takes pleasure plane trips should pat the children on their heads when they say goodbye and say: “Yes, your future is important, but mom and dad have been looking forward to this holiday for so long / hard – cross out what does not apply – worked/saved. They can use a ton or five CO2 into your future.”

Aviation makes it impossible for the climate concerned to enjoy life. Fortunately, Saturday was the final of the Champions League. In the run-up to that, I avoided the news. I watched the press conferences of Carlo Anlocetti and Jürgen Klopp. Thibaut Courtois’ form was phenomenal. The condition of the turf was less. That had nothing to do with climate change, but with a concert two days earlier.

Saturday’s game started much later than planned. There was fuss around the stadium. It was rumored that Liverpool supporters with fake tickets blocked the entrance, preventing Liverpool fans with authentic tickets from entering. French etiquette dictates that you then be doused with pepper spray. Pathetic for the fans, although I felt sorry for the thought that those coughing supporters had probably flown to Paris from nowhere as usual. They now got a biscuit from the dough that they gave the atmosphere. On Friday, ten extra football flights had been deployed from John Lennon Airport alone. Between Madrid and Paris, two hundred and fifty extra flights would go on over the weekend. When they left, all those supporters patted their toddlers on the head. “Your future is important, but …”.

Courtois has set a record in the Champions League with 59 saves in one season. Nine of them he brought to Paris on Saturday evening, six were Mo Salah’s goals. The last in the 82nd minute. The cross came with a wide arc, Salah rocked the ball out of the air on his left foot, Ferland Mendy passed into the goal area and shot. Again he saw the ball land on Courtois’ body as the thoughts of the climate-worshipper always do on a burning earth.

Salah slapped the grass in frustration. In Mo’s thoughts of doom, Courtois now does what Airbuses full of holidaymakers do to me: cause incomprehension and powerlessness. One difference is that Salah is likely to be visited by his doomsayers while he naps in his private jet.

Carolina Trujillo is a writer.

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