a mountain of new films & series in June 2022

Good news for HBO Max subscribers: A hefty list of movies and series will be added to the streaming service in June 2022, including a new season of the hit science fiction series west world.

The number of HBO Max subscribers has increased significantly in recent months. The combination of the relatively low price for a standard subscription (€5.99) and a killer offer is to blame for this. HBO Max bundles films and series from HBO, Warner Bros, Cartoon Network and DC. So you can already watch the latest Batman film on the popular streaming service.

New movies and series on HBO Max in June 2022

As if that weren’t enough, HBO Max is happily hopping on in June. The list of new movies and series is too long to list, so we’ll make it easy for you. These 5 titles stand out, with the new season of Westworld as dot on 1.

1. Westworld (HBO Series) – June 26

Murderous, synthetic AIs indistinguishable from real humans? Yes, that gives you goosebumps. Westworld happily picks up on season 4 in which the AIs in guest bodies again cause considerable turmoil. Season 4 picks up where Season 3 ended: the beginning of a revolution.

2. 300 (Movie) – June 1

HBO Max will also spoil us with an action classic in June. in 300 a few hundred Spartans go into battle with hundreds of thousands of Persian invaders. Doomed to perish in battle, but not without a mighty fight where every inch is defended tooth and nail. 300 is a visual masterpiece, based on a comic strip by Frank Miller and Lynn Varley† Gerard Butler stars in the lead role as the unyielding leader King Leonidas I. This was during a period when Gerard still played tough roles, just before he appeared in a whole series of weak romantic comedies. Gerard has now regained his masculinity a bit and he regularly plays in tasty action films.

The Janes (HBO documentary) – June 8

A gripping documentary that follows a group of women in Chicago who secretly helped women with abortions. This was set in an era before the milestone Roe vs. Wade (1973) leading to better abortion rights for women in the United States. Very topical, because recently a bill was introduced that will severely limit the right to abortion in Republican States.

Father of the Bride (HBO Movie)

HBO Max is also coming up with a reboot of a 1991 comedy starring Steve Martin. This actor, who mainly plays comedic roles, already looked like he could retire 20 years ago, so this time a slightly younger actor has been chosen: the always charismatic Andy Garcia. Andy plays a father who prepares for his daughter’s wedding while struggling with his own marriage.

Total Recall (Movie)

Arnie should of course not be missing from the list of new films and series on HBO Max. We are of course talking about the real Total Recall from 1990 starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. In his heyday, the man with the divine body and a delightful Austrian accent starred in several sci-fi blockbusters, including Total Recall. A must see for science fiction fans. Especially if you accidentally watched the weak remake with Colin Farell.

The Colossal List of New Movies and Series on HBO Max in June 2022

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