How did Ellen DeGeneres go from beloved talk show host to bully?

Ellen’s program has been on American television since 2003. In total, the presenter has presented 19 seasons, consisting of more than 3200 episodes. May 26 was the last episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show in which, among others, former First Lady Michelle Obama was a guest. But how did it come to this?

In the summer of 2020, a number of (former) employees from the school clapped about the unhealthy atmosphere in the workplace of the program. BuzzFeed published a story in which one current and ten former employees described the production of the talk show. Some said they had been reprimanded or fired after calling in sick or attending a family member’s funeral on a work day. Bullying would be a problem in the workplace, as would racism and intimidation by senior management. It resulted in a months-long public boycott of Ellen, who several times publicly apologized and promised to get well as boss of the company. In the end, three editors-in-chief were fired. They would have been largely responsible for the ‘toxic culture’ in the workplace. But in addition, Ellen herself was also labeled as ‘mean’. For example, she would not let her staff chew gum, because she would have a ‘sensitive nose’. Also, no one should make eye contact with her.

‘Our’ Nikkie de Jager also spoke negatively about the talk show host before. She was a guest to talk about her coming out as a transgender. The conversation seemed fun on camera, but behind the scenes it was a lot less fun, she told in The world goes on† “I was not greeted personally, as is the case with Dutch talk shows,” said Nikkie. “It was quite distant and cold, I didn’t expect that.”

After that, the cesspool opened and more and more stars and ex-colleagues began to criticize Ellen’s behavior and the show was boycotted for a while. Still, there were plenty of celebs who continued to stand up for Ellen, such as Kevin Hart, Katy Perry, Ashton Kutcher and Jay Leno. Ellen was a guest at Jay’s several times in the nineties Tonight Show and once she got her own show, she in turn invited Jay a number of times. However, on social media, the statements of support from celebrities towards Ellen were looked closely at. Many followers think that the presenter has always been nice to her celebrity guests, but cut with a completely different ax when it came to her employees.

Although Ellen continues to maintain that she decided to stop this year three years ago, entertainment expert Eric de Munck has his reservations. He previously said this about it in RTL Boulevard: “She claims that she already decided three years ago and that she wanted to serve one more contract, that moment has now arrived. But 19 seasons … I think that is a very strange number . Then at least continue to 20.” He also indicated that it is good for her image that she stops now.

At the end of April, Ellen already said goodbye to her show in an emotional post on Instagram. “When we started the show in 2003, there were no iPhones. There were no social media yet. Same-sex marriages weren’t allowed yet. We have seen the world change, sometimes for the better and sometimes not. But no matter what happened, my goal was always to put on a show where we could all come together and laugh for an hour,” she shared with her fans. “To be invited into your lives has been the greatest privilege I have known and it has brought me great pleasure.”

Kelly Clarkson takes over the time slot of the talk show. From next year is The Kelly Clarkson Show on NBC every afternoon at 3 p.m. The program will run until at least 2023.

Not only will the talk show come to an end this year, the curtain has also fallen for its games program Ellen’s Game of Games† NBC confirmed last January that the show will not return for a fifth season. After the scandal, the family-friendly ratings plummeted Ellen’s Game of Games† The show sprang from The Ellen DeGeneres Show, in it, the presenter often played games with guests or people from the audience.

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