Bennie Jolinks message about Johan Derksen removed: ‘Censorship! And I won’t take a word back from it’ | Inland

According to Bennie Jolink, Facebook has removed a message from him in which the singer stands up for Johan Derksen. “Censorship”, according to Jolink, who adds not to take back a word.

Jolink posted a message on Facebook on Friday morning in which he stood up for Johan Derksen. ‘Hypocritical slimers’, is what Jolink calls the people who drop Derksen. “They’re people who don’t understand anything about the 60s and 70s,” added the former Normal frontman. ‘What Derksen told was an innocent story about something we experienced almost every day. Just drunken fun, nothing else.”


The message quickly gained a lot of attention on Facebook. Within two hours, the post had been shared a thousand times and there were 600 responses. The message appeared to have been deleted on Friday evening. Not by Jolink himself, the singer says in an email: ‘Facebook did that. CENSORSHIP!! haha. Let me clearly know that I take back a word of it’.

The message on Facebook by Bennie Jolink, which has since been deleted, quickly received thousands of likes and was also shared hundreds of times. © Facebook

Jolink posted his post in response to the fuss about Johan Derksen. In the program VI Today, Derksen told that he had put a candle in a woman in the early 1970s. On Wednesday, when the world had fallen over Derksen because it was about rape, the football analyst tied in and said he had placed a large candle between the woman’s legs. On Thursday evening, after all the fuss, Derksen announced that he would stop at VI Today. On Friday it was announced that his two colleagues also stopped.

‘Convinced feminist’

‘We have seen women who made proposals that would make the devil color!’, wrote Jolink, who himself toured the country with Normal for decades, on Facebook. ‘Whether or not we went into it I’ll leave it up to you, but as a convinced feminist I can say that I’ve never done anything against a woman’s will. But the prudish bullshit going on now goes beyond all limits.’

Jolink does condemn The Voice (‘an abuse series just like all those programs in which young girls want to become famous’) and also Ali B: ‘I am disgusted by old musicians who lust for young girls’.

Facebook has not yet responded to our inquiries.

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