Lots of smoke, little light: the first photos of rehearsal S10 in Turin | Instagram show

photosSinger S10 experienced a ‘glowing’ first rehearsal for the Eurovision Song Contest in Turin today, according to expert Cornald Maas. The first photos show how the decor is subdued and quite dark, with only orange rays of light in the background. After the performance, she told the press why a song about deep feelings belongs at the song party. “Why not dance to your sadness?”

A small increase on the stage, a lot of smoke and a half moon with bright orange light in the background, S10 did not reveal more about her performance with The depth† Except for her outfit; a suit in her favorite shade of black, with nothing under her jacket.

The singer, who in the past struggled with depressive feelings and psychosis, very consciously experienced how happy she was. “It’s a big thing for me to be on such a big stage because I’ve never seen anything like it in my life,” she said. ,,I’m glad I worked so hard and felt really comfortable today.” The result was ‘vulnerable and tough at the same time’, says Cornald Maas.

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celebrate your sorrow

S10’s song is “a love letter to her grief,” she previously said. Is something like this appropriate for a light-hearted party, was one of the questions.

“I don’t understand why serious topics should not belong at the Eurovision Song Contest,” she responded. “I think every topic belongs here. A sad song, a protest song, a song about homosexuality, love, a party song. I think the Eurovision Song Contest is one of the biggest stages where everything should be possible.”

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The depth is also a song of hope and acceptance. “Why not celebrate your own grief? We all experience things in life; you get a divorce, someone dies, you have depression. Why not talk about that? Instead of keeping that side of yourself far away, why not dance to it? That’s what I do.”

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Piece of her soul

While singing, Stien den Hollander (21), as her real name is, mainly thinks of the viewers at home. “When I’m on stage, I want to show the audience a little bit of my soul. That they feel their own emotion, along with me. I’m really going to perform for the people in front of the television. I want to tell them my story and I hope they feel their own story, I want to be with them for those three minutes.”

Wednesday second rehearsal

S10 was given half an hour to practice her song. The rehearsal was not only for the singer herself, but also for all technicians who will soon be portraying and illuminating S10.

The act is directed by Marnix Kaart, who was responsible for the overall direction of the Eurovision song contest last year. Wouter van Ransbeek, formerly creative director of the International Theater Amsterdam, has been appointed as creative supervisor† He came up with the concept of the act together with S10.

Henk Jan van Beek took care of the lighting design. Like Card, he participated in the Eurovision song contest in Rotterdam and in 2017 he was already a member of the Dutch delegation as a lighting designer. In the coming days, S10 has time to perfect her act. A second rehearsal is scheduled for Wednesday.

She will play in the first semifinal on May 10. If she gets enough points, she will be in the grand final four days later.

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