Viewers feast on ‘pee incident’ in neighbor dispute Mr. Frank Visser

mr. Frank Visser encounters the most unusual neighbor disputes. Also last night it turned out that a small dispute can set the mood high. An unfinished dormer window, noise pollution, a smoking stove and a pee incident. Last night’s neighbors quarrel in mr. Frank Visser makes a statement was again one that caused quite a stir, to the delight of viewers.

Anja and Martin from the Groningen village of Wehe-den Hoorn are angry with neighbor René. He was going to fix up their dormer, but in the end left the couple with a mess. Why? According to René, Anja and Martin dived into the pub while he was doing odd jobs for them and they treated him like a scumbag. Fortunately there is Mr. Frank Visser to take a close look at things. Incidentally, viewers are more often intrigued by the program. The characters that pass by are often much discussed online.

Neighbor quarrel in Mr. Frank Visser makes statement surprises viewers

This is followed by a typical mud-throwing scene. Thanks to René, Anja and Martin live in a house full of mold and leakage and are harassed by his music system. René caught neighbor Martin peeing against René’s handy bus and the smoke from the couple’s stove, which he believes is full of toxic substances, is driving mad. Martin and Anja like to heat things up to 30 degrees, which they describe as a pleasant temperature.

Viewers feast on the vicissitudes in the Groningen village and are amazed by the special approach of the neighbors. Some also question Martin and Anja, who both suffer from health problems and therefore, in their own words, cannot do the job themselves. Martin has heart problems and is paralyzed, Anja has thyroid cancer with metastases in her throat. What surprises viewers, however, is that the couple regularly lights a cigarette in front of the camera.

The unfinished dormer window and the pee incident

The son of Martin and Anja, Pascal, would help René with the renovation at the time. After René pulled his hands off it, Pascal did not do anything for three years. That surprises Mr. Frank Visser. “I’m not going to do it all alone,” Pascal responds in the room.

But the discussion about the peeing incident also keeps viewers busy. René accuses Martin of peeing against his handy bus. At first Martin denies that, later he says it happened once. “You said you didn’t,” responds Mr. Frank Visser. Martin says he has a pee problem, where he can’t keep things up. Then follow pictures of Mr. Frank Visser, but Martin continues to deny.

The statement of mr. Frank Visser

And there, fortunately, is the verdict of Mr. Frank Visser with redeeming words. The winner in the conflict turns out to be carpenter René, who is not obliged to finish the dormer window. The wood stove of Anja and Martin may no longer be fired in the old-fashioned way. René only has to turn down his radio a lot from the television judge.

Martin and Anja had “not expected this statement at all”. Ironically, at the beginning of the episode, the neighbors didn’t seem to get out of it in any way. At the end of the broadcast everything suddenly turns out to be easily solvable and Anja and Martin René eventually even shake hands. All’s well that ends well.

Do you want to watch the entire broadcast of Mr Frank Visser makes statement? You can find last night’s episode here.

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Viewers feast on ‘pee incident’ and mud-throwing neighbor quarrel Mr. Frank Visser

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