Series Dirty Lines on Netflix about bizarre time sex lines and a lot of money

Calling a sex line and then listening to a tape of a gasping woman with a horny story? For the youth of today: yes, that existed in the late eighties, early nineties. Netflix discusses it in the Dutch original Dirty Lines† A series about how pioneers in Amsterdam suddenly saw the money splash against the plinths.

Subway spoke about it with two actors Dirty Lines† Firstly, Abbey Hoes, which will also appear in the returned film title from April 21 costa!! is visible. And with André Dongelmans, who Subway previously talked about his part in the film (and earlier also the series) The Lice Mother

Dirty Lines press day in illustrious tent

The press day for the Netflix production Dirty Lines was held last week in Club Air, near the Rembrandtplein in Amsterdam. The building is the former It, an illustrious nightclub in the eighties and nineties, the time of the series. In Dirty Lines By the way, another tent, the Roxy, is discussed and not the It. But the atmosphere for such an interview day with actors is set. Although, during the day, Club Air doesn’t look as dazzling as it once must have been in that It.

André Dongelmans was born in 1987, the year the first sex lines were opened in the Netherlands. Abbey Hoes came into existence when the hype was over in the 1990s. How did they know the phenomenon, known in the Netherlands as ‘jump lines’?

André: “I must confess that I once called myself as a child, that was very exciting. I saw commercials of those lines on television. I was about 7 years old and curious. At that time you really got the women on the phone and you didn’t hear a tape. The funny thing was that the woman I spoke to was happy that she had ‘not such a dirty man’ on the phone once. It was a kind of break for her.”

Netflix Dirty Lines sex lines Andre Dongelmans
André Dongelmans. Photo: Netflix

‘I went to explain exactly where I lived’

Dongelmans immediately realizes that his confession is fodder for a headline ‘Actor out The Lice Mother called sex lines as a child’. “No no, please don’t do that,” he says with a laugh. “I wanted to speak to that woman one more time, by the way, and I called one more time. Another person picked up, of course.” “What did such a woman say?” Abbey wants to know. “Was she going to do her tune then?” “No no, not at all”, explains André. “She asked how school was. I even went to explain exactly where I lived and asked if she knew where the Esso was at the roundabout near me.”

So Abbey didn’t grow up with the sex lines, but he knew what it was. „But I was not so familiar with it that I ever, like André, called or had done good research on it, haha. I knew it as a common concept. So far my knowledge went.”

Netflix Dirty Lines Sex Lines Abbey Hoes
Abbey Hoes (left) and Charlie-Chan Dagelet. Photo: Netflix

The two actors did not really have to delve into the phenomenon. André: „The script for Dirty Lines was rich enough. We also gave a lot of lectures and rehearsed.” Abbey: “We also answered questions if we had them.” André: „Writer Pieter Bart Korthuis (also from Penoza and fighter heart, ed.) has consciously experienced the time of the sex lines. He could tell a lot about it.”

Dirty Lines about pioneers and tons of money

Dirty Lines is loosely based on the book 06-Cowboys from former marketing director Fred Saueressig at one of Europe’s largest sex line platforms. However, the brothers Frank and Ramon Stigter as pioneers of sex lines in the Netherlands are fictitious. The brothers are played by Minne Koole and Chris Peters, who also star in the film together Nobody in the City played. Now they interpret the pioneers who made tons of money and later spent it just as quickly, with all the consequences that entails. Extra offices, huge staff parties, drugs, an ‘open account’ at YabYum brothel, it was all over. Fictional as said, but the truth is very close.

Investing in sex lines

Abbey Hoes and Charlie-Chan Dagelet play the wives Anouk and Natasja of Frank and Ramon respectively. A leading role is also reserved for Joy Delima, who, as a shy girl from a family where sex is never discussed, finds a job at the ‘horny student line’. André Dongelmans plays an adopted Amsterdammer who has taken over the Italian ice cream parlor from his parents. “He earns good money and invests a small amount of seed money in the sex lines. Moreover, my character as a ‘ladiesman’ makes up the stories for the women.”

Fun fact: all sex lines started with the numbers 06 until 1996.

Netflix Dirty Lines Sex Lines
One of the protagonists in Dirty Lines, Joy Delima. Photo: Netflix

“We set a time,” says André. “Based on the time, but not entirely factual,” adds Abbey. Her character sets in the first episode of Dirty Lines what against the grand plans of her husband. And discovers that not only tapes are recorded, but that a live orgy has also been recorded. In that orgy André Dongelmans is the protagonist. Abbey: „Anouk now has only one big wish and that is the wish to have children. And she really loves Frank and supports him in whatever. However, she is not one to be walked all over. And I think that’s cool and fun. Anouk seems very docile, but also has her own opinion.” André: “She is rightly surprised at how far the sex line goes.” Abbey: “Yes, but despite that she also pecks a lot. That will be in the course of Dirty Lines to turn out.”

‘The Netherlands is getting rich’

The buckets of money-time is fascinating to watch. Frank and Ramon Stigter tell the press that our country should be happy with them, because so much money goes to the tax authorities. “The Netherlands is getting rich,” says Minne Koole’s character. “In terms of money, it was going very hard at that time,” says André Dongelmans. “You have to see it as guys who are now creating a good app, which is suddenly everywhere. That they suddenly have much more money than they can trade.” Abbey: “And the world is suddenly at their feet.”

Here you can see and hear house track by Dirty Lines, Vieze Belletjes by Donnie, Anita Doth (ex-2Unlimited) and Tony Scott.

The eighties are in Dirty Lines beautifully presented in terms of styling and atmosphere. Besides the time of the sex lines, it was also the time of squatters, of never-before-seen nightclubs like the It and the Roxy, and also the time of heroin. Despite the latter, do André Dongelmans and Abbey Hoes see those years as a great time? ‘The looseness of that time appeals to me,’ says André. “And especially the idea that there were no cell phones with cameras. That you could just sit on your face, without videos. That you were given the space to make mistakes. At the moment you have to make sure you do everything right, that looseness is completely gone.”

Wonderful time, without having to be perfect

Abbey: “Looking back in the eighties, there must have been a lot more freedom to be yourself. Without people immediately tapping you on the fingers. Everything is canceled right now. Everything has to be perfect. As if imperfection was still possible then. Now we all pretend. I have not experienced it, but then you really had to meet with someone beforehand. How valuable is that?! Now you may be having dinner with someone and meanwhile you are texting Sjakie van de Hoek. And then your mother calls in between. For example, I see the eighties as a great time and I’m glad I didn’t have a cell phone in primary school.”

Netflix Dirty Lines Sex Lines
Front left: Abbey Hoes, Minne Koole and André Dongelmans. Photo: Netflix

Youth and Netflix series Dirty Lines

How will young people of today look at such a phenomenon as sex lines as they do Dirty Lines see? Maybe already swiping on their Tinder account. Abbey: “Well… let’s hope that young people find the series catchy enough and don’t start swiping at the same time. Of course you can like everything about the series! I don’t think that young people think the subject is hopelessly old-fashioned. Recently I heard children on the street singing a song by Earth, Wind & Fire, children of 12 or so. That made me happy. Then I found out that song, September, is completely hip on TikTok. But isn’t it great that good old disco and other things from the past are getting attention again via social media? Let’s hope that Dirty Lines contributes to the revival of those beautiful things of the past.”

Dirty Lines is starting tomorrow (Friday 8 April) on Netflix to see. You can completely binge the series if you want.

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