King’s couple is doing a day of Dune and Bulb Region

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima visited the Dune and Bulb Region in South Holland on Thursday. In no fewer than five municipalities, the royal couple spoke with entrepreneurs and residents about, among other things, amateur football, innovation, tourism, space travel and of course bulb cultivation.

The visit started in Lisse. There, the royal couple was not received at the well-known tourist attraction De Keukenhof, but at amateur football club FC Lisse. Children from group 6/7 of primary school De Akker sang to the king and queen when they arrived.

In the clubhouse, presidents of football clubs from the region spoke about the remarkably high regional amateur level. While enjoying a cup of coffee and a pastry, the atmosphere was soon as one would expect at a football club. Plagues were handed out between the chairmen.

Subsequently, the king and queen spoke with five mayors from the region about, among other things, mutual cooperation.

Teylingen and Hillegom

The second stop during the regional visit was in Teylingen. That’s where the flower bulbs came in. Willem-Alexander and Máxima were given a tour of a grower and talked to a number of growers about their position as global players, but also about the challenge of maintaining that position. Innovation plays a major role in this. Entrepreneurs are assisted in this by, among other things, cooperation with universities.

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King's couple_on_visit_at_bulb company

After Teylingen Hillegom followed, where bulb cultivation was also central. In this place, a special and very photogenic tulip field has been created for tourists, so that other fields are no longer burdened by tourists who want to take a nice picture. King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima posed as exemplary tourists in the colorful tulip field.

With the photo opportunity among the flowers, the part of the regional visit to the bulb area came to an end. In any case, Máxima was planning to return, she promised entrepreneur Ruigrok when she said goodbye. “And then we’ll come by bicycle!”, cried the queen, laughing.

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King's couple_fotomoment_bollenveld

Queen_gets_tulips_regional visit

Katwijk and Noordwijk

During the next stop, in Katwijk, the subject of tourism was discussed. After the reception in the unique parking garage under the dunes, the royal couple spoke with the presidents of the four Orange Societies in the coastal town.

In a beach pavilion they also met representatives of the tourism sector about the strong tourist network in the region. The intention is that visitors visit all the highlights of the region, such as the coast and the space museum Space Expo in Noordwijk.

Royal couple_strand_Katwijk

King's couple_regional visit_Katwijk_1

King's couple_regional visit_Katwijk_2

In the latter place, the day ended with a visit to the Space Campus. The royal couple listened to short pitches from start-ups about how they apply space technology in everyday life.

The contrast between the morning and the afternoon program could not have been greater. While Willem-Alexander and Máxima in the bulb region were just barely digging into the soil themselves to learn about bulb cultivation, they closed the day in the world of space travel. Only the tulips on the king’s tie were still reminiscent of the earthly theme of that morning in the ultramodern building of the Space Business Innovation Center.

At the end of the regional visit, the royal couple raised their glasses during an informal drink at the Space Campus. Entrepreneurs who had discussed tourism in the region earlier in the day in Katwijk, among others, also joined in.


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