Floortje To The End Of The World scores well: ‘Europe’s Hawaii’

The fourth episode of the new season of the travel program Floortje To The End Of The World was good for 1.4 million viewers. This is reported by Stichting Kijkonderzoek. This put Floortje Dessing’s travel program in second place among the most watched television programs.

In this episode, Dessing travels to the small island of Santa Maria, because there are also distant corners within Europe. The island, which is located in the Azores, belongs to Portugal and is therefore part of the European Union. Dessing visits the French-Portuguese couple Rita and Ioannis and their two young children at Santa Maria, where they live.

Floortje To The End Of The World this time in Europe

“Even in Europe you have places that feel as if you are at the end of the world. The Azores is such a destination”, says Dessing at the beginning of Floortje To The End Of The World† Santa Maria is a small island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, halfway between Europe and the US. “The Hawaii of Europe, you could call the Azores.”

Dessing meets Rita and Ioannis at Santa Maria, where the couple has found their dream place ‘after many wanderings’. Together with their children they live completely self-sufficient on the Portuguese island. The family lives in an old stone sheepfold that they have converted themselves, secluded and with a sea view. “They are old, local stones. The roof is also from earlier times,” explains Rita. “We wanted to make it the way it was, but suitable to live in.”

The program also scored well recently, when Dessing went to one of the poorest countries in the world. “Breathtaking,” was the verdict.

Self-sufficient life on an island

The house is surrounded by cats, chickens and donkeys that walk outside. But to maintain their self-sufficient lifestyle, they have to work. That’s why Rita works as an orthodontist on a neighboring island for a few days, to earn some money. “If I work three to four days every six weeks, we can get by just fine. Even with two children.” “Ideal”, responds Dessing enthusiastically. “I studied dentistry,” Rita tells Dessing. “After studying a lot, I took two years off and went sailing.” While sailing, Rita met her husband, Ioannis.

Viewers are also fans of the work-life balance of the family. “Then you’ve got it right,” says one viewer.

Hiking trail company

But Rita’s job as an orthodontist isn’t the only thing she does professionally. The couple felt that there was too little offer in terms of hiking trails on Santa Maria. “We found that there are only short walking routes on the island, and then it is difficult to keep coming back to the town on the island,” says Ioannis. A gap in the market, the couple must have thought. “We came up with the idea to create a walking route across the entire island, spread over four huts, where hikers can spend one night each.” In this way, hikers can cover a long route of 80 kilometers in a span of five days. Viewers of Floortje To The End Of The World are certainly enthusiastic about the couple’s hiking venture on Santa Maria.

You can watch the entire episode of Floortje To The End Of The World here.

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Floortje To The End Of The World scores with viewers: ‘The Hawaii of Europe’

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