Five Netflix tips that every user should definitely know

Netflix may not be the best deal anymore in 2022. Yet this does not diminish the popularity and fame of the streaming service. Almost everyone in the Netherlands now knows what streaming is and the American platform has really taken care of that. Time to give something back, then.

Despite the great popularity, there are still many functionalities that not every user knows about. A shame, because they can significantly improve the user experience.

Five Netflix tips you absolutely must know

We are not the worst at WANT, so we have listed five tips for you. Maybe you already know them, maybe not yet. In any case, I hope that the fun you get from the streaming service can be increased a bit.

#1 Remove embarrassing content from your list

It’s okay, it happens to all of us. There may be a certain movie or series on your list that you would rather never watch again. Whether it’s a dramatically bad reality show or a blast from the past, it can be a little embarrassing at times. Fortunately, Netflix has now built in the possibility to download certain films and series from your Look further-to get list.

You do this by going to the relevant list on your desktop, enlarging the map with your mouse and clicking on the icon with the cross. Do you use the Netflix app on Android or iOS? Then press the three dots at the title and choose the option Remove from row

Want to make sure Netflix doesn’t offer you related content? Then go to your profile and choose Watching activity† Select now Display and press the circle with the line through it next to the relevant title.

Get rid of that craziness! (Screenshot: BECAUSE)

#2 Check who has access to your account

There is a good chance that you have shared your Netflix account with a friend or vague acquaintance in the past. If you are a very generous giver, there are even several people who watch the streaming service at your expense. Long story short: you may have completely lost the overview. Time to change that.

On this page, if you are logged in to the streaming service, you can see who has access. IP addresses make it clear from which locations your account is used. Is there a location that you don’t know at all or not completely familiar with? Then it is a good idea to log out on all devices, change your password and log in again.

You log out on all logged in devices by going to Account -> Settings -> Log out on all devices to go. Under the heading Membership and Billing it is then possible to change your password.

Log out that bite! (Screenshot: BECAUSE)

#3 Be the first to test new Netflix features

Netflix releases a lot of new functionalities on an annual basis. One a bit bigger than the other, but nevertheless no less pleasant. However, did you know that you can be one of the first users to gain access to those new functionalities.

You can sign up for Test Participation, so Netflix can test certain new additions through your account. This way you will be the first to see a certain overview or use a new button.

To sign up go to Account -> Settings -> Test Participation† Then move the slider to the right to activate your participation.

Check everything first! (Screenshot: BECAUSE)

#4 Download content on the go

I know this is a well known feature. Still, I’m still amazed at the amount of people who don’t know it yet. It is possible to download films, series and documentaries offline. Handy when you want to save data or can’t admire Netflix online on the plane, for example.

To do this, go to a specific movie or series in the app, select the content you want to download and then click on the down arrow. You will then find the content under the heading Downloads

Illegal downloading is not allowed, offline downloading is. (Screenshot: BECAUSE)

#5 Request a movie or series

Due to the fierce competition that Netflix has faced in recent years, many titles have disappeared. It is therefore possible that your favorite movie or series can no longer be seen. Or maybe the title was never on the streaming service at all. In that regard, it is good to know that you can submit a request.

There is no guarantee, but you can always try. Netflix makes it possible for a user to make suggestions for movies, series or documentaries on this page. You get a chance to fill in three titles at a time.

I see three beautiful titles! (Screenshot: BECAUSE)

Bonus tip for Netflix

Good, because I can’t get enough of one more bonus tip. The range of Netflix is ​​very large and to keep it clear, it features different genres. It may be that your favorite genre is not listed or that you are looking for something very specific. Don’t worry, because the streaming service works with secret codes.

Netflix in 2021: with these codes you get even more out of the streaming service

Are you curious how exactly that works? Be sure to check out the above article that we wrote about it earlier. Oh! And have fun watching, huh!

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