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In this Realme 4K Smart TV Stick review you can read everything about the smart device with a suggested retail price of seven decades. Thanks to Google TV and the handy remote control, you can stream everything you want to a larger screen.

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Review of the Realme 4K Smart TV Stick

Smart HDMI sticks are now available from all kinds of brands. If you still have a ‘dumb’ television and you use such a dongle, your screen is immediately a lot smarter. You can download and install apps and stream all kinds of great content. If you already have a smart television, an HDMI stick is not always a superfluous luxury. For example, many sticks these days run on Android TV or Google TV. This gives a boost to speed, overview and possibilities.

Some well-known examples are, of course, Google’s Chromecast. We have also recently been working with the Xiaomi TV Stick 4K and Amazon Fire TV Stick. Now it’s time for the Realme 4K Smart TV Stick, a similar dongle that you buy for 70 euros.

This is what’s in the box

The Realme 4K Smart TV Stick also resembles a large USB stick, which you insert into an HDMI port of your television. Realme also supplies an extension cable and cable to power the device. You can use a USB port on the TV for this, or of course just use an adapter that you have lying around.

The box also contains a remote control, but unfortunately no batteries. The remote has soft but responsive buttons. This way you can browse through the menus and settings. You will also find four buttons to directly open specific apps. Nice and handy, provided you actually use the services.

Realme 4K Smart Google TV Stick

The volume is easy to control and you can also call up the Google Assistant. The buttons are logically placed and without looking you can take a step back in a menu, go to the home screen or open all settings.

Install in minutes

You do not need a manual to install the Realme 4K Smart TV Stick. You plug the dongle into an HDMI port, connect a power source and select the correct HDMI channel. You will then be shown on the screen which steps you have to follow exactly. It is striking that we could not select Dutch as a country, but Belgium. The interface is also displayed in perfect Dutch.

For example, you have to connect to your home network and you can further configure the dongle in the Google Home app. You can already indicate whether you want to download certain apps immediately and then you have to wait a while. Then you can get started with further setting up ‘your interface’. For example, you can download apps from the Play Store or delete them and of course log in, so that all your streaming adventures can begin.

Google Home

Google TV is a breath of fresh air

The device runs on Google TV, just like the Chromecast with Google TV, and the stick is powerful enough for any task. Menus load quickly, ‘zapping’ with the remote works the way you want and apps open immediately. It does take about 30 seconds to start up the device itself, but then you have enough time to grab a drink or popcorn.

At the top you have a few tabs including ‘Search’, ‘Home’, ‘Apps’ and ‘Library’. You’ll be using ‘home’ most of the time and can make that screen quite your own. Reorder apps, remove them, or check recommendations from services you subscribe to. It is striking that you are regularly recommended Disney content, even if you do not have a Disney Plus subscription.

We were not shown any recommendations from services such as HBO Max or Pathé Thuis – which we do look at a lot. For example, we were able to rent The Matrix Resurrections for 14.99 euros via Play Films, a film that can be seen ‘free’ on HBO. As far as we are concerned, Google can still do some work here, so that you can adjust the interface a little more to your own liking.

The ‘Apps tab’ shows recommendations from all kinds of applications and looks very chaotic. When you first discover Google TV, it’s nice to see what apps and games are available, but during the set up install whatever you really want anyway. For example, in the Library you can see films that you have ever bought and with the search function, you can search for a film, series or documentary in the services to which you are logged in.

Image quality and casting

It is striking that the menus of, for example, Netflix are displayed darker, compared to the normal Android TV interface of a smart Philips television. Fortunately, that was not visible when watching movies and series. The Realme TV Stick we tested is the 4K version, so images looked perfect, provided we turn on the right content, of course. HDR content looks even nicer, but that is of course also due to the television itself.

Finally, the smart device has Chromecast support. So you can conjure up anything you want on the big screen via your smartphone. That is different from, for example, the Amazon Fire TV Stick, where that is only possible with specific apps.

Realme 4K Smart TV Stick - Google TV

Conclusion Realme 4K Smart TV Stick review

These smart HDMI dongles often fall in the same price segment, which means that it is about ten dollars work to offer the best price. The suggested retail price of this Realme stick is very positive with its 70 euros. Google TV is a great operating system, the remote control works well and has a nice layout

The Realme 4K Smart TV Stick is therefore a handy addition to your home or office, provided you use an older or slower television. We do hope that the stick will soon be offered in several (web) stores, because it is still a bit difficult to buy it.

Buy Realme 4K Smart TV Stick?

The Realme Smart TV Stick has a suggested retail price of 69.99 euros and can be purchased via the company’s own website. Are you interested, but 4K support is not yet necessary? There is also a variant that shows maximum images in a 2K resolution. This device is also cheaper with a price of 54.99 euros. You can also go through AliExpress for about five bucks. Take into account additional costs (clearance and VAT) and a longer delivery time.

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