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Suzan & Freek have caused a lot of emotion in Love for musicthe Flemish version of Dear Singers† They closed the episode, in which the Dutch duo was central, with a cover of Enjoyed by Gus Meewis. That caused quite a few watery eyes among their Flemish colleagues.

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The Flemish music program Love for music has quite a Dutch touch this year. In addition to Suzan & Freek, Davina Michelle is also one of the artists who are central to the show. In the first episode, the vocal duo from the Achterhoek was the main guest. That meant that the six other artists were allowed to give their hits a new look.

This is how Davina Michelle makes a new bilingual version of Gold† She called the song perhaps “the hardest song” she went on to sing on the program. “But it’s a huge honor because I think it’s your best song.” She chose to translate part into English, because despite her Dutch hits, she doesn’t always feel ‘very easy’ in her native language when singing. It arrived, because Susan did not keep it dry with her compatriot’s performance.

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The highlight was yet to come, because the duo themselves caused emotion on the couch with their version of Enjoyed by Gus Meewis. During their sensitive performance, we saw watery eyes in the experienced Flemish singer Margriet Hermans and the young Belgian music sensation Camille. The latter shouted to Suzan after the performance: “What an angelic voice you have!” Hermans with a sense of humor singing to the melody of the song: “I have blown.” Koen Buyse (Zornik) adds: ,,The first words of I’ve enjoyed it and she said, ‘Oh no’.”

The success of Suzan & Freek’s closing song can also be seen from the Belgian iTunes list. A day after the broadcast, the two are at the top of the charts. In any case, the music of the two Dutch people is well received there. The West Flemish version of Blue Day by Camille is in second place, the house variant of when it’s evening from eurodance act 2Fabiola in third place and Davina Michelle’s performance of Gold in fourth place.

Dutch Best Singers gets a new season

The Dutch music program Beste Zangers will also have a second season, which will be recorded abroad as usual. Presenter Jan Smit confirmed that on Tuesday morning in the radio program Ekdom in the Morning on Radio 10.

,,Yes, there is a new season! In fact, we will be on the road with the entire club in the very short term. And that is abroad again this year,” said Smit. Due to the pandemic, the program was included in the Netherlands in 2021. Normally that happened in Ibiza. ,,Landgraaf was incredibly beautiful, but what you notice is that when you are all away at a location abroad, you are more away from the routine. Then you get different conversations, then you get another band with artists for about a whole week. If you are there in Landgraaf then you have more or less the atmosphere, but just not quite.”

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