pariah Will Smith gets hit after Oscar riot

Last weekend, Will Smith won the Oscar for best actor for the first time in his career. Yet at the moment there are hardly any filmmakers who want to work with him or his production company. He canceled all the positive effects of winning this prestigious award himself by punching host Chris Rock in the face. Will Smith literally became the pariah of Hollywood in one fell swoop.

In the days after the award ceremony, it was hardly about movies. The entire media preferred to dive into the biggest riot in Oscar history. Will Smith who came out of nowhere after a Chris Rock prank. The comedian and host makes a comment about Jada Pinkett Smith’s haircut. Given that this look is not a personal choice, but the result of alopecia, it was not appreciated by her husband.

Will Smith’s Slap

You have undoubtedly already seen what followed. Chris Rock received a big slap and a verbal scolding. In his speech, Will Smith tried to justify his action somewhat. That he stands up for his wife is commendable, but according to many the way was not the right one. It therefore comes as no surprise that the blow has negative consequences.

If you want to look at it positively, you can say that Will Smith has enough time for his wife and children for the time being. Much of his work has been put on the back burner. The fact that the actor has since apologized and surrendered his Academy membership was not enough to repair the damage. Various parties have now decided to suspend collaborations (for the time being).

Netflix intervenes hard

Netflix was one of the first to hit the pause button. It was announced that the streaming service has decided that the film Fast and Loose, starring Will Smith, will not be released for the time being. There are even rumors that the film will be completely scrapped. Also around the future of two other Netflix movies (The Council and Bright 2) is currently much doubtful.

It didn’t stop with Will Smith’s ‘bitch slap’ at the Oscars

Not only current projects with Will Smith will be stopped, future collaborations will also be cancelled. For example, Netflix has reportedly quietly withdrawn their offer for another project with the actor. Not very surprising, because it concerns the film adaptation of Smith’s autobiography Will.

Apple TV+ also puts Will Smith in the waiting room

In this bidding war, Netflix took on Apple TV+, among others, but that streaming service has also withdrawn their bid. That’s not the only choice Apple TV+ had to make about Smith. They have almost finished a movie with the actor. Emancipation is currently in post-production and will be ready to go live soon. However, it is likely that Apple will hold off on that for a while.

10 Famous Hotheads In Hollywood: Will Smith Isn’t Unique

Not only streaming services Netflix and Apple TV + want to avoid Will Smith for the time being. The popularity of the brand new Oscar winner is also declining in Hollywood. For example, an anonymous agent has announced that there are currently no collaborations with Westbrook (Will Smith’s production company). This means that projects such as Bad Boys 4 are currently on hold.

Stream all Oscar winners

So it seems that Will Smith has plenty of time to watch his Oscar in the upcoming period. Or to the films that have also won such a coveted statue. If you want to do that too, read here on which streaming services you can stream all the winners.

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From Netflix to Bad Boys: pariah Will Smith gets hit after Oscar riot

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