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Vaes says that she is doing relatively well now. “Some days are better than others, but things are much better thanks to friends and family. It was a rotten period.” Vaes is said to have been mistreated by Lil Kleine in February. She will not comment on the alleged incident in the interest of the investigation. She does say that the situation got quite out of hand after a night out. “There was friction and there was an altercation. And then it escalates, as can be seen in the images.”

Camera images of the alleged incident, which would show Lil Kleine clamping Vaes’ head between a car door, leaked through a juice channel† “If these images hadn’t come out so explicitly, I would still be in the same situation. That would have been very unhealthy. I think it was necessary, however intense, to get out of this situation. There’s no turning back. I just needed that.”

excuse video

Lil Kleine posted a video on Instagram last week in which he apologized. In the video, he didn’t say a word about his ex-fiancé. The rapper should not speak directly to Vaes due to a contact ban.

“When I saw the video, I first became very angry,” Vaes says about the video. “In my opinion, this video was crisis management. My reality is very different from how it appears now.” She doesn’t believe the rapper’s mea culpa.


Last year, Vaes would also have been abused by her ex, in Ibiza. She did not share details about the alleged incident. “But something happened that night that wasn’t okay.” Vaes went to the police station after the alleged incident in the hotel. “I rang the bell, but I then withdrew the report myself. I wanted to protect my partner, I didn’t want it to escalate. Not for him.”

Shortly after the alleged incident, the two published a joint statement in a video on Instagram. Vaes now says that she has never supported the film. “I was not there with 100 percent conviction. I was very stiff there anyway, because I was not behind it.”

“I thought I was sent in a certain direction”, referring to NAMAM, the management of Vaes at the time. In her own words, she was not properly supervised by the management office at the time. “I now think they were not 100 percent with me. It was chosen to save a career.” After the second incident in February, Vaes broke up with NAMAM.


Vaes has now filed a complaint against Lil Kleine. “The criminal investigation is now taking its course,” said Vaes’ lawyer, who was also a guest in the program. In addition, many ‘civil matters’ have to be dealt with, such as the termination of the relationship between Vaes and Lil Kleine. “They had no marriage or partnership, but they do have a minor son.”

‘Professional help’

Lil Kleine was arrested in February on suspicion of assaulting Vaes. He was initially released after three nights in jail, but after the Public Prosecution Service appealed against it, the judge ruled that he had to go back to prison. He was released after fourteen days in mid-March. Pending the continuation of the case, the rapper is currently in Thailand where he says he is looking for ‘professional help’.

Following the reports about the alleged abuse, several companies decided to end their collaboration with Lil Kleine. His previous record company TopNotch no longer promotes his music and his new record company Sony Music canceled the collaboration.

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