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Okay, I’ll get straight to the point. Finally fire and passion in The Bachelor! The first ordinary long French kiss. Because hello, we are looking at a dating program. It’s been looking more and more like building friendships over the past few weeks and I’m not just talking about the girls in the villa. Because in terms of kissing score, Thomas is way behind Tony Junior (last year’s Bachelor), not to mention the Belgian Bachelor Fabrizio, who currently competes with Thomas on Videoland and wrestles his tongue inside every girl.

Full bowl of tongues

With Thomas, Merel is clearly a French kiss – er, I mean a dash. Because, as Inge predicted: “Blackbird will go full throttle if she gets the chance.” Absolutely. Good thing she didn’t know beforehand that she would still be in a jacuzzi in a bikini, because then poor Inge would be mad with jealousy. By the way, now I immediately understand why Ascha and Indigo are not exactly excited to play with The Bachelor on road trip to go. As cozy as it is with Dutch sing-alongs in a red convertible – and Thomas in a wonderfully ugly tiger blouse – it’s no longer a 1-on-1 date for them. In other words, there will be no kissing.

That same evening, Inge is the lucky one who is allowed on a romantic date again and is invited for a candlelight dinner. While her first reaction is: ‘what am I wearing?’ I think, and so do the rest of the girls: ‘is there going to be a kiss?’ Because that really seems to be the highest achievable now at the end of the ride. And the best card to make your competitors even more insecure and thus strategically eliminate them. After all, no man falls for an insecure woman.

mud ceremony

While Inge is mostly shy about her hair all evening, Thomas is the joker. He knows how to pack Inge even more with his humor and is eventually treated to a careful kiss. She clearly does not want to kiss someone extensively, if he has a date with someone else the next morning. And blame her.

The pace is indeed high again! I almost wonder if Thomas still has time to sleep, let alone think about his choices. It is Merel with whom he goes on a date the next day. And what date. A spiritual date with a shaman, or a mud ceremony. You stand there in your bikini under the fluorescent light. I couldn’t hold back my laughter. But Merel is allowed to cuddle for a long time with – as she puts it herself – ‘he’s cute, I can’t help it’ and then smear him with mud, that makes a lot of good. And yes, there it is: the French kiss. And also ‘full house’, as Inge predicted!

Balloting Committee

When she returns, Merel even seems to enjoy telling the remaining women everything. No detail is left unspoken. Thomas then wants to make it even harder for the remaining girls and thinks they should fight for him. As if the candidates in a scripted program are suddenly in control?! (I notice, by the way, that he still has the mud from the previous date behind his ears.) While The Bachelor probably hopes they’ll sprint towards him arguing and pulling hair, the girls share the sparse moments with him as fair. speed dating. The 30-year-old Inge then remains on the other side of the street for an hour, stressed and nervous, and Maureen comes back as pale as a sheet with hanging legs. ‘I felt much more distance than last time’, she says, deeply disappointed that he did not tongue her ‘full’. In the meantime, all I can do is look at her uncharming shoes…

Yet both girls receive a rose and it is Anna Noëlla who – nota bene was the first to approach him; it’s never right either – being sent home. Next week it will finally be exciting: the balloting committee is approaching! Because Thomas’ sister Willemijn and his best friend Patrick are passing by and there is once again a battlefield: not one, but two girls can pack their bags. In short, the three finalists are finally known.

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