Famke Louise suffered from the Jinek debacle: I will keep my mouth shut from now on | Instagram

Famke Louise has resolved never to speak out publicly about current affairs after the storm of criticism she received a year and a half ago when she joined Jinek said she did not agree with the corona measures. She was one of the celebrities who supported the #ikdoenietmeermee initiative.

Although other artists, such as rapper Bizzey and singer Tim Douwsma, also spoke out against government policy on social media, the singer received by far the most criticism. ,,Because I’m at Jinek sat, with my letter”, she looks back in the podcast buzz from Rumag. Her colleagues did not dare to do that. ,,I’m just going to sit there, because I also had a big mouth on social media. Then I’ll also tell you what I think, but that didn’t work because of the nerves. There was such pressure on me, I couldn’t get my words out. I was going to say things… I hadn’t done any media training. I have to do that differently in the future.”

She was laughed at and portrayed as ‘pipo’. She felt ‘a bit’ betrayed by her supporters, who quickly backtracked after her interview in the talk show. “But I also think: you didn’t have the balls to sit there”, says Famke Louise. ,,It hurt that other well-known Dutch people, who laughed at me and had a big mouth about me, later no longer took the measures themselves seriously. Or competed to reopen the clubs. Who’s the clown here now? Then stick to your word. I found it really difficult to hold back and then say nothing.”

The criticism she received at the time hit her hard. “I didn’t do it with the wrong intention. I only had one chance to do it and I ruined it. Look, the hashtag wasn’t right. It’s a bit rebellious, but it was to draw attention to people who were having a very difficult time at the time,” says the 23-year-old artist. “A lot of people have been hurt, but I didn’t mean it that way. I had good intentions. So I apologized.”


I wanted to stand up for people around me, but I don’t do it anymore

Famke Louise says she broke down with that criticism. It’s not worth it for her to speak out on certain matters. ,,I’m keeping my mouth shut now. If I have an opinion, I don’t express it. I leave it to other people, I take care of myself, my family and my own life. I will never meddle with others again. I wanted to stand up for people around me, but I don’t do it anymore. I sit at home on the couch and watch a series. Bye.”

IC doctor Diederik Gommers, who also attended the evening in question Jinek at the time, Famke invited Louise to update her on the corona policy.

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