Dad is Addicted to Videoland impresses: ‘Warehouses sniffed empty’

Anyone who finds the subjects addicts and being addicted interesting could have a ‘good’ sit down yesterday. RTL 4 kicked off with a new season Addicted! and Videoland set the documentary at the same time Daddy is Addicted online.

The two programs are clearly related. That ‘daddy’ is Maarten Dammers, who appeared in the much-watched series Addicted! teams up with Ewout Genemans to offer drug, drink and gambling addicts one last chance. During the broadcasts, he always lets you know that Dammers himself was once an addict. But who exactly is this man?

42 years addicted

That becomes completely clear in 50 minutes in the documentary Daddy is Addicted† In front of Subway was that reason to look for Blik op de Buis. In this Subwaysection, reporter Erik Jonk discusses new or striking programs from regular TV broadcasters or streaming services.

Maarten Dammers is 65 years old and now goes through life as a family coach and addiction expert. He calls it ‘family therapist’ himself, a profession that he invented himself because it did not yet exist and which could have been of great use to him. Until about ten years ago, Dammers was addicted to alcohol and drugs for 42 (!) years. During that time, he was three years clean and 39 years under the influence. He also has his own term for this: “I was painfully addicted.”

Addicted to wanting to rock and roll

Maarten Dammers’ addiction took place in Alkmaar, while in the beginning he also worked in nursing. He shows ‘the pubs of the past’. For the Subwayreporter, well-known cafés such as De Bierkelder, De Pilaren and De Stapper pass by, that aside. On his own website, the Noord-Hollander says: “Around the age of 13 I drank my first beers, which felt like ‘coming home’. That’s where the magical match – me and resources – and the thought ‘never else’ arose.”

That turned out to be the case, Maarten Dammers tells in Daddy is Addicted† “Not a day went by that I didn’t drink. And I’ve sniffed out entire warehouses.” The reason? He wanted to rock and roll. Dammers certainly has a rock ‘n’ roll head, as has been shown on RTL 4 for some years now. But not from the whining guitars. He admits that, perhaps with the key phrase ‘I’ve lost so much’.

Wife and daughters cooperate

It was Peter van der Vorst, program director RTL, who asked Dammers for the documentary. Together they made Addicted! already, when Ewout Genemans was not yet a presenter. The current family coach thought it was quite something. Nevertheless, he decided to go ‘bare ass’ for the cameras, because: ‘Under the guise of ‘addiction thrives in the dark and dies in the light’, my wife, my daughters and I decided to participate in a documentary about my and our lives.”

That both his second wife and four (step)daughters Daddy is Addicted cooperation makes the documentary strong. They do not spare Maarten Dammers and are loud and clear. How, as a 5-year-old, he always made one of the children wait when he had a drink, while they went to get fries, for example. And the physical violence against his second wife, still – or again – his lover, is also discussed. “Coke is a cold, chilly ice queen,” says the ex-addict, who also admits to stealing and throwing paving stones through Gall & Gall’s window for some bottles of whiskey. “No one stopped me. I always thought: fuck off.”

Daddy is Addicted impressive, but…

Despite strong emotions, Dammers tells everything in a smooth manner. He can talk like the best, we already saw in Vaddicted! He probably also made a fool of himself during his addiction. For a long time he could be an addict and work and have a family life. But in the end it went horribly wrong. Dammers ended up in the gutter, in his case a bench in a park in Alkmaar-North.

Daddy is Addicted is impressive, but not as intrusive as the series with Ewout Genemans. In it you see junkies and people who can’t live without alcohol who are still in the middle of trouble. The documentary about Maarten Dammers is more of a retrospective and a story about how things turned out well. But still good to see.

Number of cans out of 5: 3.5.

Daddy is Addicted to Videoland can be found here.

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