Controversial multimillionaire in What do they do it for?: ‘How strange’

The viewing figures of the program prove that we find it immensely interesting to cheat in other people’s wallets What are they doing it for? but again. Yesterday, 801,000 viewers of the EO program saw how a single mother ties the strings together. The lifestyle of the controversial multimillionaire Vasco Rouw is also examined.

Two Lamborghinis, a luxury farm in Emmen and a Rolex worth 40,000 euros. For Vasco it is the most normal thing in the world. However, not everyone in the family likes the striking cars equally. “If he ever has to go to a business meeting, he would rather drive the Volkswagen than the Lamborghini,” says Vasco with a laugh about his 13-year-old son. “Yeah, otherwise so many people will look at you and stuff,” Silvan’s statement read.

What are they doing it for?

The fact that the EO gives the family a stage is not a good idea for many people. Two months ago, Vasco could still be seen in a ANGRYepisode of Tim Hofman, exposing the multimillionaire’s dubious crypto practices. Also the program Radar delved into the large-scale crypto scam, just like BNRjournalist Aaron Loupatty, who made a four-part podcast about it.

“I like success stories from entrepreneurs/investors,” responds one viewer. “As far as I’m concerned, scammers are only allowed in broadcasts of Stegeman and ANGRY etc.” The viewer is not the only one who is angry about the controversial participant of the program. “I don’t spit in a bit of luxury, but that guy’s attitude. And especially if you know how he gets his money,” it sounds on Twitter.

Incidentally, Vasco is not the only one who does not receive criticism. The single mother, who lives self-sufficiently in a tiny house with her three children, is also having a hard time. Many viewers find it strange that she hardly works. “Don’t they have nurseries there? With so little salary you get just about everything reimbursed. Why give someone benefits who choose not to work?”, someone wonders. “I’ve always worked. Even when my children were 3 and 7, I didn’t have any benefits,” responds one viewer.

Today at 4 pm the new episode of Angry online. Tim Hofman announced this on Twitter. Three guesses who’s in it? Indeed: Vasco Rouw. Whether the EO will still give the family a stage after today’s episode is the big question.

What are they doing it for? can be seen every Wednesday at 9.30 pm on NPO 1.

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Controversial multimillionaire in What do they do it for?: ‘How strange’

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