Viewers frustrated by Long Live the Love candidate: ‘Sour plum’

Long live lovecandidate Kyara has not done well with viewers of the dating show. They make the 21-year-old lady for everything, after Kyara did not seem modest to say the least. “This is an actress. This can’t be real, can it?”

Yesterday viewers saw the SBS6program, in which singles spend at least 24 hours together in a house, how Kyara and her date Mauricio did not quite like each other. Kyara in particular had to pay the viewers, because she could not appreciate, among other things, the extensive breakfast that Mauricio had made for her. Because: not tasty, took too long and glass with gravy was too full. “But you did your best.”

‘I don’t have to make an effort’

Part of the program is asking each other questions about dating life. While they were in the hot tub together, Mauricio asked Kyara if she is the wait-and-see type. “I don’t approach men, men approach me. I don’t have to make an effort, my eyes say a lot.”

She continues. “If, wherever I am, I see a nice guy on the other side, I just look a little. That says enough, because then they will come to me automatically.” Mauricio does not argue and wisely says: “Yes, you do have talking eyes.” Moments before, Kyara told her date that she “wants to be treated like a queen and put on a pedestal.” She also considers herself much more progressive than her date.

Kyara does not think modesty is necessary

It doesn’t stop there. When Mauricio asks her which part of her body she likes the most, the following answer comes: “Yes, I think I am very beautiful actually. It is important that you love yourself And that you also love your whole body. You only get this meat bag once.”

“You’re not modest, are you,” says Mauricio. “No,” Kyara responds. “But that’s not necessary, is it?”

Long Live Love viewers frustrated

Kyara’s performance leaves viewers of Long live love frustrated behind. Some wonder if she’s real. “She is looking for an acting career. This can’t be real, can it?” Others point to the dating program’s editors. “Do something about the level of the participants.” It often happens that the discomfort splashes off the screen during the episodes.

Her reaction to Mauricio’s extensive breakfast is also absolutely not to the liking of viewers. “Sour plum.”

Long Live the Love candidate eavesdropping on phone call date

Viewers are also amazed by the tapping of the telephone conversation of her date Mauricio. While on the phone, Kyara plays behind a plant eavesdropper. “Ah, so she’s so confident.”

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Viewers frustrated by Long Live the Love candidate: ‘Sour plum’

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