Twitter Responds to Virgil Abloh’s Bizarre Description in Grammy’s “In Memoriam” Section

As every year, tonight during the Grammys, we also commemorated the people who died last year. For example, DMX, Shock G and Biz Markie passed by and on the website there was a huge list that could not be mentioned during the ceremony, such as Young Dolph, Drakeo the Ruler and the victims of the Astroworld drama. Yet the memoriam section was overshadowed by a description of one of the deceased.

Virgil Abloh passed away in November 2021 from the effects of cancer. This came as a shock to the whole world, as he fought his battle in silence until the very last moment. He was the artistic director at Louis Vuitton, owner of the hugely successful OFF-White brand, worked with Mercedes, IKEA, Evian, Nike and so on. However, the Grammy organization decided to describe him as a “hip-hop fashion designer”. As many people on Twitter immediately pointed out, this does not do justice to Abloh’s successes and what he means as a black man in the fashion scene.

This again shows that the Grammys and the organization are still too white. For example, Jon Batiste is the first black artist in 14 years to win a Grammy for Album of the Year, Tyler, the Creator won Best Rap Album last year for an album he barely raps on, not to mention Macklemore’s historic win for Best Rap Album.

We’ve collected some reactions to the bizarre description below.

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