NLZIET is an alternative to the TV provider and the VCR

NLZIET has quietly grown to 200,000 subscribers. After recent improvements, Totaal TV took a second look at the streaming service.

Of course, Totaal TV was there like the chickens when NLZIET offered us years ago to be one of the first to test the streaming service and present our findings to the readers. After some clear improvements in the past period, we thought it was time for a repeated test, with the question: where does NLZIET really stand?


If we only look at the subscriber numbers, NLZIET is still a streaming service in the margins. The number of subscribers is estimated at around 200,000, which is much less than NPO Plus. That NPO Plus, together with RTL XL and KIJK, are the most important ingredients of NLZIET. This offer of video on demand and live channels is supplemented by the channels of all regional broadcasters, including AT5, the Flemish public channels and the Insight TV channel.


Especially the arrival of the Flemish public TV channels of the VRT – one, Canvas, Ketnet and Sporza – was a wish of many viewers and a great wish of NLZIET itself. This allows the streaming service to grow to a higher level. NLZIET has been marketing itself for some time as a replacement for watching with a TV subscription from a provider via cable, DSL, fiber optic, Digitenne or satellite. Because many Dutch people watch the highly valued channels of the VRT, it was therefore necessary for NLZIET to bring these channels on board; something that happened a few months ago.

Replay TV

The channels of the VRT can be viewed live, and there is also Replay TV, which means that programs from the electronic program guide (EPG) can be viewed unlimitedly for up to seven days after linear broadcasting. Due to differences in broadcasting rights, the Replay TV offer looks slightly different at the VRT channels than at the NPO. Most VRT programs are available, but not all. Purchased films and series are especially lacking in the offer. In addition to Replay TV, the interactive service Begin Missed is also available with many programs.

Dutch services

NLZIET is a joint venture of the Dutch Public Broadcasting (NPO), RTL Nederland and Talpa Network. The linear channels of these three partners are therefore available at NLZIET. This also applies to all delayed viewing options of the participating parties such as Replay TV and Begin Missed. But the NLZIET offer is much larger than just the linear channels. Episodes of series and programs – and increasingly also complete seasons of series – can be viewed on NLZIET before linear broadcast. Many programs can also be viewed at NLZIET for at least a year after broadcasting. In terms of video on demand, the participating partners offer the same via NLZIET as via their separate services NPO Plus, RTL XL Premium and KIJK.


Older people still know him: the video recorder. With this device, the viewer in the old analog era had the possibility to record programs from cable or antenna. NLZIET is a kind of universal video recorder for dozens of channels. The shows, movies and series remain available for more than a year in most cases, and as a great bonus, the commercial breaks are automatically removed from the broadcast.

Ad-free viewing

NLZIET is therefore also in many cases the mecca of ad-free viewing. Often a program can be played via NLZIET after five minutes after the end of the linear broadcast without disturbing, minute-long commercial breaks.

Even more channels

In addition to the main channels of the NPO (NPO 1, 2 and 3), of RTL (RTL 4, 5, 7, 8 and RTL Z) and Talpa (Net5, SBS 6, Veronica and SBS 9) there are also the theme channels of NPO (such as NPO 1 and NPO 2 extra), RTL (Crime, Lounge and Telekids) and Talpa (TV538). There are also all regional TV channels, plus the Amsterdam city channel AT5. Together with the Flemish channels and Insight TV, NLZIET is potentially the ‘cable killer’ that people want to be, and that for a price of €7.95 per month. That is much cheaper than a subscription with Ziggo, KPN and other providers. Certainly for the younger target group up to forty years old, who mainly watch streaming services, this is a cheap but high-quality replacement of the traditional TV subscription.

Image quality

Paying little at NLZIET does not mean that you skimp on quality. On the contrary: almost two years ago, NLZIET was the first Dutch provider of linear channels to do this in Full HD, with an image resolution of 1080p/50. The switch to 4K Ultra HD 2160p/50 can be made immediately with part of the channel range if necessary, but no concrete plans have yet been announced.

further future

What will happen to NLZIET if RTL Nederland and Talpa Network merge? Will all attention be focused on Videoland instead of NLZIET? No, says the NLZIET camp. In the first years, NLZIET will continue to exist independently next to Videoland. During this period, NLZIET even has the potential to expand the range of channels. NLZIET even actively calls on TV channels to join the platform.


It is actually incomprehensible that NLZIET currently only has 200,000 subscribers. The streaming service offers much of what viewers would expect from an adult TV service. The only drawback is that an internet connection is always necessary.

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