Me a new Rolls 7 tons, Nicole a puppy

Good deal: me a new Rolls-Royce, you a dog. There it came in reality soap Mass is cashier down with Peter Gillis last night. For his young girlfriend, the puppy, of course. For the holiday park millionaire himself a big fat bowl.

And yes, the viewers of Mass is cashier – almost 800,000 yesterday – naturally find all sorts of things about the TV program. Sometimes with a smile, sometimes angry or with a serious undertone. Although a viewer is also busy with the name of the SBS6 series.

Cute puppy in Massa is Kassa?

It started in Mass is cashier last night actually with the aftermath of storm Corrie. Besides the fact that trees had fallen on caravans at the various holiday parks, the running ducks of Peter Gillis’ girlfriend Nicole Kremers had also been blown away or stolen. Or run away, according to voice over Frank Lammers. At least the ducks were gone.

After a search for the animals (in which they were lured with peas) and a rather clumsy flyer campaign that was devised, Nicole once again had the thought of a puppy in her head. The Brabantse is seen by viewers of Mass is cashier sometimes labeled as a slave driver, but now she radiated all animal love. Peter ‘Hatseflats’ Gillis – as it turned out in the past – has absolutely nothing to do with a dog. “But,” thought Nicole, “now that the ducks are gone, maybe that opens up opportunities for a puppy.” She pictured her sweetheart and the answer? “I don’t want a dog. That makes me fox wild, dude. Peter doesn’t want a dog. First make sure those ducks come back, we’ve always had a problem with that.”

But a Rolls-Royce for Peter Gillis

The incident seemed forgotten for a while – and the ducks were still missing – when Peter Gillis came across a new Rolls-Royce on his regular car dealer’s website on his laptop. Seven tons clean on the hook, cost the shiny black thing on wheels. Well, 695,000 euros to be exact, including refrigerator. After at least six months in his last car by Mass is cashierAfter touring the country, Gillis was ready for a new one. The car dealer had to come to his house, because the holiday man did not have time. He knew enough. The entrepreneur had already brought the ‘sold’ flowers on arrival. And also his dog and a box of sausage rolls.

A dog turd on the deep-pile carpet and some devoured sausage rolls further on, the deal was done. Peter Gillis had reduced the price to 687,5000 euros in his well-known way. Because yes, he told the car salesman, he now also had to hire a company to have that carpet cleaned. thick bowl in the pocket in each case.

Surprise in Massa is Kassa

And then followed the big surprise of this one Mass is cashier-episode. Peter Gillis came home with a present for his ‘Nicolleke’. Yes, he actually bought a puppy. Coco, wants to call the overjoyed Nicole the animal. “To Coco Chanel.” That’s what Peter Gillis thought was his own.

Also the idea of ​​his girlfriend that she wants to buy all kinds of clothes for the animal. “Nothing will come of it,” grumbled Peter Gillis. Only costs pennies. But yes, he had just spent that sloppy seven tons on his much-needed car, of course.

TV viewers have heard nothing more from those running ducks. Below you can read some more comments Mass is cashier

Do you want to watch the episode again? That’s possible here.

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