‘MAFS’ viewers do not understand the unexpected turn between Joep and Caroline

Viewers do not understand what is going on in Joep’s head. ‘How can you be so ‘touchy’ and crazy about someone and then suddenly disapprove of someone in all areas?’ it sounds on Twitter.

Suddenly Doubts About Marriage

In Married at first sight couples tie the knot without ever having seen each other before. Joep and Caroline also took up this challenge, but after a successful wedding day and a romantic honeymoon on Crete, Joep doesn’t like living with Caroline after all.

Although Joep even got a tattoo during the trip as a memento of this adventure, he says in Tuesday evening’s episode that he suddenly has doubts about the marriage with Caroline. “What I really noticed is that I do have a little more outgoing and that I actually wanted to keep doing fun things all the time and Caroline was really looking for that peace of mind,” explains Joep. “There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, I also respect the way she is, 100%. But that’s why I started to wonder if it fits with me and my life.”

Joep is not sitting with Caroline

The next step is actually living together, but that is not necessary for Joep for a while. “It didn’t feel good to me, so I don’t want to make it a long story for myself and for Caroline. There is no romance or a butterfly that comes to have a look.” This reversal of Joep is very frightening for Caroline. “I expected that some steps would be taken, that is also logical when you come back into your own life. But I had the idea that he had already made a bit more of a choice.” That doesn’t change the fact that Caroline is still open to seeing where the marriage ends.

After a conversation with MAFS– expert Eveline Stallaart, Joep is still willing to live with Caroline for a few days. But it does start off a bit messy, as he immediately announces that he has to work from six o’clock in the evening to three o’clock on the first evening.

Strong reactions from viewers

Viewers find Joep’s behavior very striking. They don’t understand how he can give Caroline so many kisses and hugs during the honeymoon, and then don’t want to see her again when he gets home. ‘What a derogatory attitude towards Caroline. Experts must step in and protect Caroline. Very like man that Joep’, one viewer wrote. Another responds with: ‘What an unbelievable jerk. What did sweet Caroline deserve this? He should be deeply ashamed of himself.’ Viewers do not believe that Joep really had to work. In addition, because of his previous participation in the program, they have The bachelorette the idea that Joep only Married at first sight participate to become a celebrity. ‘Everything for the fame at Joep’, it sounds.