Madonna stuns fans with video on TikTok: ‘Are you okay?’ † show

There has been a lot of commotion on social media after Madonna (63) shared a striking video on TikTok. While all the big names from the music world were present at the Grammys on Sunday evening, the Queen of Pop made a video in which she can be seen giving a kiss to the camera in a strange way. Some fans call it her “most disturbing” feat to date.

From ‘call the authorities, Madonna needs help’ and ‘are you okay?’ to ‘this is very disturbing’ and ‘I’m not going to lie, but this really scares me’. It is raining reactions under the striking video that Madonna shared with her fans on TikTok on Sunday. In the clip you can see how the pop star – in a very transparent top – comes closer to the camera with her face and then gives out a kiss. A ‘substantial’ filter was also placed over the images, making her fans now wonder whether something is going on and are concerned about the singer’s (mental) well-being.

“Stay away from TikTok, this is clearly not good for you,” one person commented below the images. Or also: ‘What happened to her face?’ and ‘Is this our beautiful Madonna? I liked her much better when she was still acting normal’. “I had to look for 10 minutes to see this is Madonna,” another said. And also: ‘Please leave your phone behind’ and ‘I will never forget how fantastic Madonna was in the 90s. She was an icon. But this makes no sense and goes too far.’

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Offensive poses

It is certainly not the first time that Madonna has provoked a lot of reactions with bizarre videos or posts on social media. In recent months, she shared several photos on Instagram of her waving a knife, taking on offensive poses or showing off her nipples, but those images were quickly removed by the platform. “This is downright pathetic,” said one follower. “Madonna may think these are erotic photos, but she’s making a complete fool of herself.”

In addition, she also likes to shock her fans ‘in real life’: when she was a guest at The Tonight Show from talk show host Jimmy Fallon, she crawled on his desk and then made challenging moves and showed her behind to the audience. “Madonna, what are you doing now, Madonna?” then exclaimed Fallon.

Sharing conspiracy theories

But Madonna also raised eyebrows in other ways: during the corona crisis, she was even reprimanded by Instagram, Twitter and Facebook over a video she shared with her followers about a conspiracy theory about the virus. In the post, the singer claimed that a vaccine for the virus had already been found, but that it was being kept hidden “to make the rich get richer.”

She also distributed a strange video from her bath in which she describes the virus as ‘the great equalizer’. “Covid-19 doesn’t look at how rich you are, how famous you are, how funny you are, how smart you are, where you live, how old you are and what great stories you can tell,” Madonna said naked from her bathtub. The singer also received a lot of criticism because of those statements.

Check out the images of Madonna’s story in the bath below.

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