Details of assault case Shima Kaes and Johnny de Mol leaked

The file – including medical data and photos – of the report that Shima Kaes made against her ex-fiancé Johnny de Mol is on the street. Opinion magazine ‘HP/De Tijd’ has obtained the complete file of the assault case involving Johnny and Shima and paints a detailed picture of the various alleged violent incidents.

“In the current social climate, I consider it appropriate that Mr. Johnny de Mol resigns his duties at HLF8 with immediate effect, until the legal system has decided on his fate”

HP/The Time is in possession of the complete declaration, including attachments, photos and other documents provided by Shima. Based on the documents, the magazine has made a timeline of the alleged assaults that took place in Tulum, Mexico, Amsterdam and the Spanish island of Ibiza.

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The first violent incident is said to have taken place in January 2015 in Mexico. An altercation over Johnny’s cocaine use is said to have resulted in an argument involving physical violence. In the report, Shima speaks of hitting and kicking. In addition, Johnny would have pulled her hair and sat on top of her.

The presenter would have apologized a day later in a WhatsApp message, a screenshot is presented as proof.


In March that year, things went wrong again, according to Shima’s report. The second incident is said to have taken place after the Edison Pop Gala in Amsterdam. Johnny would have punched Shima in the face. According to Shima, three people – employees of the event location The Harbor Club – witnessed this violence.

After returning home, the physical violence would not have stopped. In her report, Shima again speaks of hitting and kicking, but Johnny would also have tried to strangle her. HP/The Time quotes from the report: ‘Afterwards it turned out that there were bruises from Johnny de Mol’s fingerprint on her neck. Johnny also threw her head against a table, after which she cracked an eyebrow and fell to the floor.’

Afterwards, Shima went to the hospital where she reported falling down the stairs. Johnny was present, so she did not dare to tell the truth. The doctor would have indicated that he did not believe her, because of the seriousness of her injuries. This medical report has been added to the file. Shima also provided photos of her injuries.

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The third violent incident is said to have taken place in May 2015 in Ibiza in the garden of a hotel. Johnny would have pushed Shima, after which she slapped him in the face. The presenter would then have grabbed her and showed all corners of the garden. When Shima started screaming for help, he tried to shut her mouth by closing her throat and placing a hand over her mouth. Shima managed to get out, after which she ran to their hotel room. Here Johnny would have beaten her up even more.

According to the report, there are two witnesses. John de Mol’s wife, Els Verberk, is also mentioned. Els would have immediately arranged another hotel room for Shima, so that Johnny and the injured Shima would no longer be spotted together in the hotel.

After this incident, Shima visited a GP, who writes down ‘argument with friend with physical violence’ in the medical file. The doctor notes the injuries that Shima is diagnosed with, including: bruises and visible fingerprints on both arms.

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All these violent incidents would have taken place in 2015, but why did Shima ‘only’ report it in 2020? According to HP/The Time she already hired a lawyer in 2016. The latter contacted the De Mol family, after which Shima was advised not to report the crime. “We have been carefully polled and the person I spoke to thinks that he, the family and group of friends are completely prepared for the attack and that a scenario is ready to make you a second Sabia,” the lawyer wrote in a WhatsApp message at the time. shima. “It’s clear to me that if you do something you’re going to get so much shit all over you and that’s what worries me.”

Because of his book about the De Mol family, journalist Mark Koster contacted Shima about the alleged abuse. After this, she decided to hire a lawyer again, who advised her to file a report. Also taking into account the limitation period of six years. It was now or never.

Shimano would according to HP/The Time were interrogated by the police last week.

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Shima’s legal advisor, Karim Aachboun, confirms to RTL Boulevard that she was heard for the first time by the criminal investigation department last week in response to the report she made on December 15, 2020 against Johnny de Mol for serious assault and attempted manslaughter. “In this regard, I assume that Mr John de Mol does not act arbitrarily and in the current social climate I consider it appropriate that Mr Johnny de Mol perform his duties at HLF8 immediately, until the legal system has ruled on its fate. Or does Mr John de Mol think that his son is above other suspicious celebrities, such as Mr Jeroen Rietbergen?”

RTL Boulevard has asked Johnny and Talpa’s lawyer for a response, but has not yet received a response. Johnny’s management informs us: “For now we are not responding yet.” When asked if Johnny is going to say something about it on his talk show, she replied: “Not clear at all.”

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