Viewers love Maud in Boer is looking for a woman: ‘What a sweet person’

Viewer Rating Gun farmer seeks wife keeps scoring. Yesterday’s episode attracted no less than 3,168,000 viewers. But the talk of the day is not so much about the farmers, but especially about participant Maud. With her special statements she knows how to steal the hearts of the viewers.

In previous episodes of the love program, Maud had to endure a lot of criticism. For example, viewers thought that she would become “the piss pole of this season” and columnist Angela de Jong called her a “goat yogurt, yoga, floating bitch”. But that’s different now.

Farmer is looking for Woman participant Maud scores with viewers

“If everyone had a friend like Maud in their circle of friends, the world would look a lot nicer,” it sounds on Twitter. “How annoying I found Maud at first, what a treasure I think of her now.”

Yet there is only one person whose opinion really counts, and that is that of farmer Evert. What does he actually think of Maud? “Can you say something about that?” she asks into the tractor. “Yeah, fine,” the farmer responds. That Evert is not fond of long stories is also apparent from another fragment, in which the two deliberately look for silence in farmer seeks wife† Hilarious, many find, since Maud is just a big chatterbox.

If you ask the viewers, the two are one match made in heaven† “Maud tries to peel off that uncomfortable and distant layer of Evert, in search of the beauty underneath. And that’s exactly what that man needs! His best sides are not so on the surface, and that’s okay too,” says one viewer.

No ‘spicy woman’ for farmer Jouke

Also Jouke, one of the other farmers in farmer seeks wife, generates many responses. In a conversation with Yvon, he says that he prefers not to have a spicy woman. That statement is not well received by many viewers. “Jouke does not like to be contradicted, so you have to go home,” responds one viewer. The viewers also find it strange that the farmer does not shed a tear as soon as he has sent Marion away. „Jouke has already forgotten about Marion as soon as she is out of the driveway. “So, I’m going to milk.”

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Viewers love Maud in Boer is looking for a woman: ‘What a sweet person’

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