Viewers enthusiastic about ‘replacement’ of Lubach’s Evening Show

No satirical, current news for a week with Arjen Lubach, but Dutch stand-up comedians with their vision on the news. Yesterday was the first episode was the comedy program Evening show Stand-ups and that attracted 835,000 viewers. Lubach has a short break. Viewers are enthusiastic, but some actually prefer to see ‘just’ Lubach.

With these ratings, the program is slightly less popular than the regular show, which has always attracted more than a million viewers – but that should not spoil the fun.


Evening show Stand-ups is an introduction to ‘the best comedians of the moment, in a mix of old hands and promises for later’, according to the program. In the first show, comedians Raoul Heertje and Alex Ploeg each took the stage for 15 minutes. While Heertje mainly tried to look lightly at the war in Ukraine and joked about Putin, Ploeg argued about the crux of the macho culture.

Radicalize with Raoul Heertje

“I think I am slowly radicalising,” joked comedian Heertje. “That is what I now notice with Ukraine. I get so mad about it. I am for violence for the first time in my life; certain people just have to be shot dead”, although the comedian ‘prefers not to do that himself’. Heertje is referring to Putin with this.

Viewers are mostly enthusiastic. “He was so good!” writes one twitterer, for example. “Both sensitive, what is in his voice, and substantive finds that both made me laugh and made me think.”

Prefer Arjen Lubach?

Alex Ploeg did not concern himself with the war on stage for a while and hilariously revealed the high expectations of masculinity. That you have to prove yourself as a man in society, but how do you do that? And why do men actually do that? Viewers react enthusiastically to Ploeg: „Be surprised, make you curious and then ‘BAM!’, come up with something completely unexpected.” Another: “I’m already looking forward to the next stand-up shows.”

Opinions remain divided on whether we prefer to see Dutch comedians or Arjen Lubach on TV. Some people can’t appreciate ‘theatre on TV’, others love it and others simply miss the satirical Arjen Lubach.

Still, some people can’t wait to see Lubach on TV next week either.

The Evening Show

Lubach and his team from The Evening Show taking a break this week. Until Thursday 7 April, performances by various Dutch stand-up comedians can be seen on NPO 1. This week, Pieter Derks, Hans Sibbel and Serine Ayari will be visiting, among others.

Arjen Lubach conquers with his best item spot in the Dikke Van Dale

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Viewers enthusiastic about ‘replacement’ of Lubach’s Evening Show, but also critical sound

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