“Unbelievable how many princes want to marry us!”: Punk band hopes to convince non-golddiggers with new album | Mechelen

MechelenThe Mechelen punk rock band Rich Widows will present its first full album on April 23: Wreckage & Remorse. The five musicians also hope to force a breakthrough among non-Indian princes and other desperate men in search of a wealthy widow. “We could have chosen our band name better”, the five of them laugh.

According to their own merchandising with Sint-Romboutstoren, Rich Widows has been ‘underachieving’ since 2017. “In August we will be celebrating our fifth anniversary”, says founder and guitarist Christophe. “I used to play in several hardcore bands, but I’ve always been a punk rocker. I am what people are going to find together to participate.”

Guitarist Acki and singer Tijl joined the ranks, later bassist Robin and drummer Ari followed. In the meantime, the band has two EPs to its name, each containing five songs. The intention was to release a third single and then came corona.

“Suddenly we had time for our serious hobby. After all, we couldn’t do anything but rehearse,” says Acki. The result: a full album, or at least 25 minutes of music. A big step forward: the songs are a lot more elaborate and varied than before.


The band hopes to secure a label and more gigs with the beautiful business card, because the messages the band now receives are often of … amorous nature. “Every time you get a message you think: yes a performance! They often turn out to be people looking for rich widows. From Nigeria, Pakistan, England, America… It’s unbelievable how many princes India has,” laughs Acki.

“Rich Widows – a reference to the film ‘Barry Lyndon’ that we have nothing to do with – sounded great at the time and it didn’t exist yet. Maybe we could have chosen a better one at the time”, Christophe chuckles.

moon rock

The sympathetic quintet with rehearsal space above cafe Den Troef mainly hopes for messages from concert organizers, starting with Maanrock. “Now is our time,” it sounds. “And if they don’t ask us, we’ll put together a stage ourselves! The festival could use a little harder guitar work.”

The cover of Wreckage & Remorse, Rich Widows’ first full album. © Rich Widows

“It is unbelievable how many good bands Mechelen has. Think of The Geraldines, Dead Letter Box, Hippotraktor, Marche Funèbre, Pothamus and of course Psychonaut. It is a great prejudice that they are not accessible to a large audience.”


According to the punk rockers, Mechelen lacks venues. “You used to have youth centers like Tsentroem and cafes like De Kram, Metteko and Panique d’Oh. That’s all gone, although luckily there’s still Zapoi.” The café in the Onze-Lieve-Vrouwestraat is also the location where a clip was recorded and where their ‘Wreckage & Remorse’ tape release party takes place.

Harsh Realms, The Dutch Rudders, Adverse96 and Denied complete the poster of the launch party. More info on Rich Widows’ Facebook page and https://richwidows.bandcamp.com/.

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