Review episode 3 ‘The mole’: one of the funniest ever

Every ‘The Mole’ candidate has at least one episode in which he or she comes to full maturity like a ripe flower. Think of Flipper last year on the domino assignment, or Joeri when he studded a boat with a Joker-like grimace: heroic, character-defining moments. Who did that honor go to this episode? Emmanuel, of course! That cool Manu, who contributed to the game like a nail mat to a Formula 1 race. If she has to build a house of cards, she starts by turning on the fan. And yet I don’t think she’s the mole. And yet 6,850 euros were earned. Understand who can understand.

Vincent Van Peer

The first assignment took place on three fronts: in a tourist town on the riverbank, where Anke haphazardly asked the locals who would consider a quick seesaw with her or else would pull her finger; in a hotel room, where Bert and Nele organized a competition for Communicating Next to Each Other, counting M&Ms and emptying glasses of wine; and at a depth of twelve meters, where the ghostly statues of Jason deCaires Taylor formed the underwater viewing piece of the Museo Atlántico, and where the quartet YensUmaSven and Emmanuelle ‘Le grand bleu’-wise descended into the depths. According to time-honoured tradition, all those parts of the assignment were closely linked in a way that even I started to get the idea by the time that – all in all fairly smoothly – 2,850 euros ended up in the pot.

So far, Manu has kept a relatively low profile – if you can still call having a panic attack up to five times at a depth of two meters, ‘relatively low’. It was only the next day that she emerged as an amateur astronomer, top basketball player and balance icon.

That’s how it was: for the second assignment, the candidate file went to the mighty volcanic landscape of the Parque Nacional de Timanfaya, where they undertook a trip in lunar carts. Along the way, they had to store as many space-related facts as possible, while passing each other’s filtered urine (bland: in hindsight: water with a lick of vinegar) on the back. It is here that Manu was allowed to go loco. First of all she was for Philippe a fellow passenger about as pleasant and calming as a baby just teething on a transatlantic flight with turbulence. “You’re very… domineering,” he tried carefully as she checked Mericulus’s location for the twenty-eighth time. Her study method sounded like non-stop slam poetry. Philippe couldn’t get through. And yet the duo stopped at just about every placard, blocking the passage of best player Sven, whether intentionally or not. At the first possible opportunity, poor Philippe ran and dashed off with Uma.

The physical tests the candidates had to complete along the way made for the funniest scenes ever in a TV show about saboteurs, if I forget the whole first season of ‘The Traitors’ – which I have tried many times in recent days, by the way. to do. In particular, the test in which the candidates were shaken by a revolving chair and then had to jump over a wooden slat blindfolded, produced scenes that you do not see after a night out in the Overpoort. Undisputed highlight: Yens, whose glasses seem to get rounder with each episode, Sven and – of course! – Manu who gave an incredible imitation of Gunther Schepens who walks from his car to his front door at night, and thus ends up in his backyard.

The fact that this assignment ultimately yielded the full 4,000 euros can be called a small miracle: Marcske from ‘FC De Kampioenen’ who randomly kicked into the intersection during the most important match of the season. Inside is inside.