Camille sings in West Flemish and Suzan & Freek touch a nerve: new season ‘Love for Music’ starts with a bang | TV

TV‘Love for Music’ is back! Davina Michelle, Pat Krimson & Loredana of 2 Fabiola, Suzan & Freek, Margriet Hermans, Koen Buyse van Zornik, CAMILLE and Ozark Henry immediately provided a musical spectacle in the first episode on Monday evening. This time the artists traveled to the south of France to make one big declaration of love to each other’s songs. Suzan & Freek were honored to be the first to take center stage and to enjoy the covers the others brought.

There is no shortage of Dutch earwigs, because the duo has an extensive repertoire to choose from. Although the music of Koen Buyse van Zornik and Suzan & Freek are two extremes on the musical spectrum, he left the duo open-mouthed after his version of ‘De Overkant’. He gave the song an English twist with the new title ‘On The Other Side’ and also added a solid portion of guitar work.

Fellow Dutchman Davina Michelle was eager to perform ‘Gold Plated Love’, her reworked version of ‘Gold’: “This is the hardest song I’ll be doing all season. I made a mix of it between you and me,” said the singer.

Margriet Hermans touched the nerve with her version of ‘Spiegelbeeld’. “I suggest that if we ever get married, you sing this song at our wedding party”, Suzan & Freek judged.

A first in ‘Love for Music’. Ozark Henry stepped out of his comfort zone and performed a song in Dutch for the first time ever. “The song ‘This Is For Me’ really stands out for me. You bring pure emotions and are very good singer songwriters”, Ozark told the Dutch duo.

Camille then chose her own language: West Flemish. She got everyone dancing with her ‘Blue Day’ and brought extra summer vibes to France.

Suzan & Freek’s very first song, ‘Als Het Avond Is’, conquered the hearts of Belgium and the Netherlands, but also that of Loredana and Pat Krimson. Topped with the necessary portion of dance beats, they overwhelm the other artists with ‘When The Lights Go Down’.

To close, Suzan & Freek performed ‘Genoten’ by Guus Meeuwis and that for a very special reason: “It is based on this very beautiful week and the new friendships. It is a present from us to you.”

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