Who else is going crazy on Saturday night?

‘There was a time when we went crazy on a Saturday night… now we’re looking All of Holland Bakt…” Paul de Leeuw mused on Instagram. The 60-year-old TV maker was probably talking about his own life, which these days takes place more on the couch at home than in the clubs. But it is also possible that he finds the baking competition on NPO1 too sedate for Saturday evening and that he longs for the great TV shows of the past.

He himself was for years the viewing figure gun of Saturday evening. But the public broadcaster has stopped the big shows because they had to cut back on entertainment from The Hague. Since then, most entertainment has disappeared or been repurposed as ‘society’ or ‘expression’. De Leeuw became increasingly sidelined with his own shows, until the men of Until here could manage without him.

Saturday night remains difficult to fill with a grand shiny floor show what everyone is looking at. RTL4 tried out a new format once, The only real† Well-known Dutch people perform an act with a group of professional artists, with masks of their own faces. A jury then has to guess which of the five masked artists is the Famous Dutchman. Indeed, a cross between The Masked Singer and Which of the 3

Real Famous Dutch people are rare, so they were not very well known. I only knew comedian Jandino Asporaat, he did a karate act. I had to look up the others. That’s how I learned that model Kim Veenstra (she did a dance) has a turbulent past. She said of herself that she danced like a “newborn giraffe”. Stylist Maik de Boer (drums) thought he drummed like “a Duracel bunny”. Musical actress Romy Monteiro (juggling) complained about her “spaghetti arms”, which was firmly milked by the desperate jury.

The format is as cramped as it sounds. There is no life in them, the masks are ugly, the performers come across as rigid puppets. Getting famous Dutch people to do something difficult has already been done very often. Boring boring boring. As far as viewing figures are concerned, the RTL program had to lose out to All of Holland Bakt: 800,000 viewers against two million. I think it will stay with this pilot.

Song Contest

It is especially noteworthy that this is the first show in which Nikkie de Jager performed as an independent TV presenter. She is famous for her make-up videos on YouTube and was co-host of the Eurovision Song Contest last year. This time too she had the right mix of being casual and unflappable. She carries such a show with ease. But it remains difficult to find the right program for her.

It is striking that De Jager attaches such value to a show on regular television. She has built up a worldwide following of 14 million subscribers on YouTube on her own, and her coming-out video has been viewed 38 million times. Apparently, even for a 28-year-old YouTube star, the elderly medium of television is far from dead. in talk show Jinek she pointed out on Friday why TV history was casually made here: “I don’t want to constantly shine the spotlight on it, but it is very special that a trans woman on Saturday evening primetime television is just there.”

Paul de Leeuw could also have switched to NPO2 by the way. He was there himself, in Hidden past† The presenter appears to be descended from Rotterdam harbor gentry and Italian heretics. Concerned about the thoroughness of the family tree research, he said: “Just a little while longer and I’ll be responsible for the crucifixion of Jesus.”

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