Million Dollar Island empties: ‘Um, because of a birthday…?’

One participant after another runs – well, sails – the Philippine island in TV program Million Dollar Island off. In the broadcast on SBS6 last night, it was no less than fifteen of the hundred candidates. On to home, gone chance for money. However, two seniors bravely hold their own, although one of the two was on the edge.

Viewers, who are nice and cozy at home with enough food of course, find that giving up after two weeks is sometimes a bit too easy. For example, a birthday that is approaching is not a reason for people.

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One Hundred Straps in Million Dollar Island

How’s that going again? Million Dollar Island† SBS6 managed to get a hundred Dutch people together who wanted to sit on an island in Asia for two months. This entertains about half a million viewers every Sunday evening. That figure is a bit disappointing for Talpa, but the people who watch regularly sympathize. on Million Dollar Island the hundred candidates all had one wristband worth 10,000 euros on their wrist. Ultimately, the deployment of the ‘survival programme’: those who last for two months will receive the amount that they have on their arm at that time. Whoever leaves the island gives his or her wristband to someone else. The million euros to be won by one or more people thus always remain in the game. “It is a chaotic and bizarre experiment”, presenter Dennis van der Geest recently told Subway

Bea and Harold hold out

So one after the other leaves the program. Sometimes – logically – for a medical reason (and also a one-off corona infection), other times because home is missed so much or ‘personal goals have been achieved’ within two weeks. Last week, three participants were also forced to leave the island in the Pacific Ocean. Dennis van der Geest sent them out Million Dollar Island because the three gentlemen had behaved intimidating and aggressively. Evidence for this, however, did not appear.

Bea from Zwolle is the oldest in the program. When she on Million Dollar Island started, she was 71 years old. Bea holds his ground bravely. She ‘chose for herself once’ and enjoys her time, as can often be seen. Heralth, ‘called the pirate’, is also one of the elders. He was having a much harder time than Bea and had decided in his mind to be one of the quitters. Heralth is struggling with debts and can use a cash prize, he reports honestly. And who put an arm around his shoulder, peering out over the ocean? Bea of ​​course.

Suddenly rich in Million Dollar Island

But suddenly there was also Lien. With four wristbands she was at that time the richest resident of Million Dollar Island† Yet she wanted to go home and had decided to make Heralth rich with the four tapes in one fell swoop. “Because you are a father to me that I never had,” explained the generous giver, who has not seen her father in ten years. The reaction was unexpected: “Then I have news for you. I’m going home too.”

Heralth, scraping a coconut: „The birthday is coming, the wedding day. I don’t want to miss that little boy’s first birthday. But yes, I am here.” Still, Lien’s sweet action got Heralth thinking. At the ‘island council’ – excuse the Expedition Robinson term – the man with a striking beard turned out not to be one of the fifteen quitters. No, Heralth is now one of the two richest in the world with 50,000 euros worth of tapes Million Dollar Island

Reactions to yesterday’s broadcast – and the reasons for giving up in particular – at a glance:

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Million Dollar Island empties: ‘Uh, giving up because a birthday is coming…?’

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