Farmer is looking for a wife: ‘Flap open?’ No, close the lid!

Meek in the kitchen

The fact that Manon asked that question, however, testified to a spirited disposition that Jouke was less interested in than previously thought. Jouke often turns out not to really fall for what he says out loud. A headstrong, spirited woman who contradicts him where necessary. But then one who does that by meekly disappearing into the kitchen and rolling out a thick pizza for him to get a white foot with him, otherwise he will put her hard on the street.

Hard and numb

“I’m going to milk,” he said less than a second after Marion hugged everyone and drove out of the yard in a crammed car. For a moment I thought I noticed flight behavior in it: of course it affected him so much that he had to hurt such a nice girl that he had to flee to the stable to be able to control his own emotions. But no, not a second later he let you know that he had already forgotten it. I thought that was hard. And numb.


Characteristics that can be a not very nice basis for an intense deep love bond. Marion must have looked back at the broadcast with relief. Another question: shouldn’t we start some kind of intervention to protect Karlijn and Lotte against hard Jouke? Or should we trust that Yvon is on top of it?

Rob’s Science Experiment

At Rob’s house there was a lot of pruning. In branches of fruit trees. In feelings and in interests. Because yes, of course he had to ask the ladies some questions to give them the idea that he was curious about who he had in front of him. Rob did this with a scientific experiment by not asking a personalized question, but an open identical question formulated as broadly as possible. How did the ladies see the pros and cons of living with him?

lower bar

Silvia knew how to say good things to that and at the same time reveal something about herself: she liked to plan, just like Rob. I thought: Oh, I didn’t see that coming, here it is going to happen, the click of clicks, that of shared interest. But no, Rob thought economically: I can already plan myself, so I don’t need that anymore. He pruned her out. Wendy said to lower the bar a bit to keep it cozy and I saw Sonja think back to that moment when Rob was blowing his harmonica full of devotion. She was going to hold on to that in her mind.

Don’t change, but…

Horse breeder Hans had realized that he had to be a little more friendly if he wanted to bind one of the two remaining ladies. Dinie spoke the prophetic words ‘I don’t want to change you, but…’. I shook my head on the couch. Not gonna work, Dinie. You cannot change people.


No, if they want to give Hans a chance, both Dinie and Annette have to accept that Hans will just call his daughter and save time by not asking first what she is doing, but just yelling something, presumably an order. Then he puts sweetly intended sacred sandwiches on the table again, or takes out a photo book with which it is nice to reminisce. That’s worth something too.

At a sheep’s length from Janine

Then I fell back sharply at Janine’s moment of choice. From the moment I saw Michiel hit his head against a ceiling beam in Limburg, I knew: that would be him. Janine is looking for a gentle giant with a love for animals and there is no one taller and friendlier with a greater love for vultures or other birds of prey than Michiel. He also tried so hard, always being a sheep’s length from her side and always trying to contribute in the conversations she had with others.

Pushy Michael

But Janine apparently experienced that as too intrusive. He wanted too much and couldn’t control himself completely. Without Michiel, a new space is suddenly created on Janine’s farm, in which Sander and Christiaan can show themselves. Let’s just hope they take that space to expose themselves, not too intrusively, but in detail and with many words.

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